August 9th, 2012

Guest Post: Alyssa from the Double Chin Diary!

Today’s guest post is from one of my favorite ladies in the world, Alyssa from the Double Chin Diary!! Basically she’s the KJ-counterpart for the left coast. She indulges my nail polish obsession, and is a great person to chat with about recipes and really cool food experiences. This girl knows her stuff and I wish she’d just move to FL dangit so we could hang out daily!!! Take it away, Alyssa!

Hey everybody! My name is Alyssa and I’m thrilled to be visiting today! I’m from a little corner of the internet called the Double Chin Diary, where I ramble on about my attempts to lose 50 pounds without losing my sense of humor. Today I want to talk to you about super tasters. Have you ever heard of them?!

I’m lucky enough to be allergic to everything in the world, and perhaps the ONLY silver lining of that is that for some strange reason, even though my nose and immune system are all cracked out, I have way more taste buds than normal people. I found this out one day when my allergist asked me to say “aaaaah” and prodded me with a giant wooden popsicle stick. “My my,” he said, “you have so many taste buds! You’re a super taster.” In my naïve mind, I thought being a super taster meant if a large bear chose to hunt me down on a hike I might taste like a juicy piece of filet mignon… but really it means that my taste buds super magnify the flavors and sensations of things that cross my lips.

I’ve always loved to eat, and I definitely have noticed I can taste super subtle hints of flavors in food. If I order French fries at a restaurant and taste even the slightest bit of fishiness, I get mad because I’m not a seafood person, and I didn’t ask for my fries with a side of trout, thank you very much. Usually that means they’ve been double dipping on the frying oil. On the flip side, it’s amazing when I bite into a tomato plucked right off of the vine, the skin bursting to release tangy, sweet juice that makes me yearn for lazy summer days. I also have a very sensitive sense of smell, which is not always a blessing. I share these traits with my mom, who has the sense of smell of a finely trained hound dog, which did not bode well for my 17-year-old self trying to sneak in late at night after a couple of pilfered Seagrams. Some scientists think that many overweight people are super tasters, which can explain why they might just keep eating and eating and eating. It’s a convenient but not plausible excuse for me that my extra fluffiness is just because really, truly, everything tastes so darn good.

Do you want to find out if you’re a super taster? This link has really detailed instructions, but if you want the quick and dirty, just grab a bottle of food coloring (anything but yellow or red), a piece of binder or notebook paper (the kind with three holes), and a glass of water. Stick out your tongue and dab a drop of food coloring on the very tip. Let it sit for a few seconds and rinse a couple of times. (Don’t worry – if your teeth turn blue, it will come off. I had that moment of “Oh crap!” when I looked in the mirror and saw smurf teeth) Now, tear off a piece of binder paper, and tear around it until you have a little square of paper with the hole in the middle. Place the paper onto the tip of your tongue, and start counting all of the little pink bumps. They’re slightly raised, and these are your taste buds. If you have 1-15, you have slightly less tasting sensation than the average person. If you have 15-30, you’re in the average, which means you taste things just as they are. If you have more than 30, you’re a super taster, and will forever notice if your date “forgot” to brush his teeth.

I have exactly 30 of these flavorful little bumps, and my husband has 14. It was a fun experiment and while I don’t know if it’s incredibly accurate, it might be a cool thing to try out. So what do you think, everybody – is super tasting a legit phenomenon or just another foodie trend that’s starting to make it’s way around the internet? How do you think your sense of smell and taste rates compared to others?

Thanks for the great post, Alyssa!! Maybe being a Super Taster makes you more adventurous of an eater than me… I need to buck up, I am married to a chef after all!! If you are interested in food or healthy eating stories and experiences, definitely visit Alyssa at the Double Chin Diaries! I promise you will not be disappointed.

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