September 23rd, 2011


Oh boy. Do I owe you guys an update.

Being medicated for my lovely bursitis has been… interesting. I’m still not 100%… I’d say I’m about 75%, give or take. I stopped taking the vicodin a few days ago and have done well with that. It was making me very nauseous, and the anti-inflammatory was helping the pain even more. But it has made me SLEEPY. I wake up enthused about blogging at 5:30am and then… when I’m home, and fed, and the pugs are taken out… it’s 6:30pm-ish and I’m ready to hit the hay. Lifestyle KILLER.

The good news is I have been keeping up with Lipsticktember without a hitch and am planning a BIG wrap-up post!

More good news- my mom and sister Rosh are coming to town for Thanksgiving! Min might as well, but she just moved to Utah so she will have to figure out if it’s feasible. Also- Rosh has a new tumblr- it’s about traveling- her passion- so check it out! (Fearless Explorer)

We’ve been adjusting to the new house situation fairly well. A week or so ago, I said to Big Daddy that it seemed like I never saw any kids or young people in our subdivision. His response? “That’s because this is a 50+ community.” WHAT? How did I not know that?!?!?!? So four of us in our 20’s/30’s are living in a house in a 50+ neighborhood. I think they are probably not “enforcing” that anymore though… this was new construction before the housing market crashed… there are probably 50-60 lots, maybe 5-10 are still just lots for sale, 5-10 homes are also for sale… sign of the times, I presume. Whatever, me and my blue hairs will totally kick it, oldies style!

In pug news… the pugs scratched through the cardboard on the sunroom doors, so we went and got Plexiglas cut. We mounted them with Command strips… they work so well! Check out the new look from the inside:

Unfortunately, when I say “the pugs” scratched, I mean Sophie. She’s crazy. I honestly think she needs anxiety medication. I feel so bad for her. Two mornings this week, it was insane. I put them in there and she just scratches and scratches with fury. The noise of her pushing the door is so loud- from the door hitting the frame- that I think B’s bro and step bro might actually kill us in our sleep if they can hear it. Sophie’s nails are very short now from the scratching… I’m afraid she’ll catch a nail and bleed to death. Anyone have any similar stories and/or suggestions? Please keep in mind that crating her is even worse, and free reign of the house is not allowed (not our rule! We prefer that!)

Speaking of those pugs… how adorable are they? Harley decided to sun his feet…

Sophie joined him…

And to make it complete, Dixie hopped on the couch as well.

How is everyone else holding up this week?

5 comments to Fifty-Plus

  • That cracks me up it is and elderly neighrbohood I wonder if you can join a bingo night!

  • Southern Fried Pugs

    You could try a DAP plug in or collar. Dog Appeasing Pheromone. It has helped my pugs and the foster pugs that come in and out of the house. You use it like a scent plug in, but you can’t smell it. The down side is that you need refills once a month and you have to replace the plug in every six months or so. It isn’t cheap. The best price I’ve found is on Amazon through Entirely Pets. I haven’t used the collars, but they are similar to the old flea collars in appearance.
    Good luck.

  • Heh, definitely lol’d at the 50+ community! But don’t feel bad.. AARP has sent me a legit member card TWICE now. I don’t understandddd.

  • LOL about the 50+ community!!! At least you know that there won’t be any wild and raging parties going on at all hours of the night (or well, maybe there will…I guess you never know)!

    The plexiglass on the door was a really good idea! Do you think that Sophie is mostly anxious at not being with you? My parents’ dachshund has a lot of anxiety as well (usually related to thunder/lightning/fireworks/etc). I keep saying I’m going to buy them a thunder shirt for that purpose…I wonder if that would work for her too? It is basically just a compression shirt for the dog to wear: they use a similar thing with Autistic children and it calms them down. Hm…

  • Dancy

    I’ve heard of doing something like – sleeping in a t-shirt for a couple nights then leaving it in the room with the dog – your scent & something to snuggle is supposed to help calm them. You prob already know that though.

    50+ sounds awesome actually, except if you want to have a party or something. Sometimes older couples crack me up – plus, you can always make friends & get free advice. LOL

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