June 12th, 2013

Fat Little Bugg

Well, we have a bugg problem.

Over the last six months to a year, our little Dixie Bugg has put on the pounds. Three, to be exact.

She was 18 lbs at her last annual visit (healthy for her size) and is now a scale-crushing 21 lbs! Three pounds isn’t huge for us, but that’s the equivalent of a 180 pound person gaining 30 pounds. Not fun!

(The vet tech who weighed her said “that’s, like, a 40 percent gain!” and I quickly realized numbers weren’t her strong suite. It’s just under 17%.)


I dreaded this appointment though. We felt that Bugg was getting heavier- we had to grunt every time we picked her up. She felt more solid and hefty. Her back turned into the patented fat pug “flat back.” We both wondered/worried since her activity level and food intake hadn’t changed.

Then Big Daddy brought up his childhood chihuahua, Chica, who “got fat” except really she had a tumor in her abdomen. They finally figured it out and she was gone not long after. One of those reasons you need to bring a dog to the vet when they have any changes! When I called to find out what kind of appointment to make, the vet compared waiting a month with a dog to waiting a year with a human- tumors grow fast and furious with dogs. I should know- and this was on my mind- due to Dixie’s multiple tumors. (You can read about the most recent oneĀ here, here, or here… it was really rough on her.)

So the vet recommended a senior well check visit, which was the normal exam plus x-rays and blood/feces/urine checks. I’ve never been more nervous to get x-rays back. This was, delightfully, the first major appointment for her that didn’t end with something having to be removed. We were so pleased to find out that besides her being chunky and needing her dental cleaning yearly now, she is doing just fine. (The other tests have since come back normal too.) They put her on a special diet food, and put B on a strict “no table scraps” rule as well. Someone is a little heavy handed with the Cheez-its!

We did find out that Dixie has arthritis though. Which is crazy, because she has shown no signs of slowing down. Regardless, we’re looking into the best way to help her joints, thinking about Dasuquin or Cosequin, or maybe some at home remedies at first. Any arthritic pet owners have any advice?

Something I’ve never talked about on here that’s really helped us with our pugs is PetCareRX. I’ve been so happy with them and really should share so you pet owners can save some buckaroos too.

We used to buy our flea/heartworm meds and prescriptions at our vet, but the pricing is a bit rough, and now in Orlando our vet is further away. When we moved we switched the pugs to a crazier flea/tick/heartworm med that works better in this climate, called Trifexis. And then our vet stopped carrying it (they have their own “store brand” basically now.) I was really happy with Trifexis, so in looking for a place to order it I discovered PetCareRX. You can order pet food and medications online, even prescription (they send to your vet for approval.) And I always get coupon codes, rewards, points with purchase, and other goodies. I’m able to get the Trifexis a lot cheaper than I did from my vet, and delivered right to my home. You also get points for referring new customers- so feel free to use my referral link! Using that link to order gets you $10 off your order of $35 or more. Just my way of sharing something I love, win/win!

I feel relieved that we got Dixie’s health concerns checked out and that she’s doing pretty great. Maybe she should do weight loss posts while I’m gaining preggo pounds! Should we sign her up for My Fitness Pal? Maybe she should write a post for Double Chin Diary, Alyssa and April? Maybe a weighted bugg sized hula hoop? Let me know how you think Bugg should work the pounds off!

12 comments to Fat Little Bugg

  • HAHHA I love this post while I do sympathize for the dear Bugg. She is welcome to guest post.. I will be eager to learn how her no-cheez-its lifestyle is treating her!!! Lucia also fluctuates between 2-3 pounds overweight and we can’t ever figure it out. The vet just said she’s prone to “being large”. Wonder who she got that from. ;)


  • we are always watching capone’s weight too – he’s a little chunky. we stopped giving them table scraps and limited his treats to only at night before bed and after the dog park, and he dropped almost 5 pounds. he was down to a slim 73 lbs at his last check-up! :)

  • Oh wow, glad she’s okay! And um THANK YOU for sharing that website- we use Trifexis too, and it gets pricey! I’m definitely going to look into that!

  • Glad to hear she’s okay! It’s tough when the babies aren’t quite babies anymore. My cat is almost 14 and she’s an old biddy now. Thanks for sharing that website! We are looking for a place online that’s cheaper and more convenient than going to the vet’s office. My boxer still constantly gets ticks on him, even with his meds, so it may be time to switch!

  • Poor chubb-o! As far as arthritis goes, we used glucosamine for the last 5 or so years of Taz’s life, and it made a huge difference. It’s also much cheaper than Cosequin and related products (you can get it at a drug/grocery store). Ask your vet about doses for a dog her size, but try that. I also am a big fan of fish oil too, not for arthritis but for skin and coat health. Cheap and effective as dogs get into their golden years.

  • amy

    it’s always so nerve racking as your dogs age. It’s a scary thought. With Nels being a puppy I’m also cautious to make sure he doesn’t overdo it now, because that can affect him so much as a large breed later in life.

    My parents dog (my childhood dog) is in his last months and while it’s difficult to watch, aging means they’ve had a full life full of happy memories :)

  • Jess

    I had pretty good results with Cosequin for my cat. She had nasty arthritis from a knee injury when she was young. She lived to a grand old age with Cosequin every day, and still did stairs and all that without a problem. Good luck!!

  • My parents dog used to have horrible joints, I don’t think it was arthritis but more along the lines of hip dysplasia and such. We had great success by giving him glucosamine and condroitin supplements. We bought ones that were orange flavored chews from Vitamin Cottage I believe that were supposed to be for humans to take but he loved them. We’d give him one chew each day but you might want to ask the vet about how much to give her since she’s so much smaller than he was (65lbs). Worth a shot at least.

  • Someone already suggested it, but when our family dog had joint problems, we gave him glucosamine and it really helped. I wouldn’t want to try the heavier stuff unless it looks like she’s really in pain – and even then, I would probably still opt for glucosamine as long as it seemed like it was working.
    Good luck with your girl’s weight loss and arthritis!

  • Layla

    Thank you for the website!! Trifexis is crazy expensive!

  • Dixie should do a fitness/ weight loss post once a week on here! And she needs to wear workout clothes (like sweat bands!) It could be called Dieting with Dixie! Once again, I have no actual advice advice. :)

  • My pug needs to drop a few pounds too. We just got her Nutro Weight Management food. She did lose a pound and has about 2-3 to go. She weighs 24 pounds right now! I also just got a senior male pug and he is definitely experiencing arthritis. He is slow to lay down and climb stairs. I can’t climb down stairs. I need to take him for a check up and get some advice from the Vet!

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