August 28th, 2012

Fall in Florida

Fall. Autumn. Football season.

I can’t lie, the thought of living without football definitely helped convince us to get cable.

Pumpkin spice lattes. And candles. And breads. Basically pumpkin anything.

But then there are the things I love that I don’t think I’ll be getting any part of. Leaves falling. “Hoodie and flip flop” weather. Brisk mornings.

I am feeling homesick for fall. I don’t think I necessarily get fall in Florida though. Fall in NJ/IN is probably like… February in Florida.

I had a friend who moved to Orlando tell me that after Labor Day, the humidity breaks a bit and it’s enjoyable to be outdoors. She said it’s the absolute best. B used to travel to Florida in the fall for his old job, and said it was AMAZING… shorts weather but really enjoyable to be outdoors.

I posted something on Facebook about this last week – just saying I was excited for fall and that I hoped it was like summer in New England. AKA, hot, but nights are better and it’s enjoyable to be outdoors. Right. Apparently everyone and their mom became a Florida expert and professional┬ámeteorologist, since I pretty much got 931,284,732 comments saying what an idiot I was and that it’s going to be RIDICULOUSLY MISERABLY HOT FOREVER AND YOU ARE SO DUMB.

I responded with this little chart…

This was taken from Wikipedia… it does- shockingly- show that the temperature drops a bit each month in the fall.

I mean, I’m pretty sure on the overall, it can only get cooler from September on, until like January or February. But what do I know?

And the humidity will go down when this crazy rain/monsoon/wet/hurricane season ends… right? One would assume. Since the rainfall decreases a ton in the fall per the chart too. But again… I’m no expert.

Either way it can’t be worse than the miserable past few months. And I’m going to be excited, dammit.

It might get really nice by the end of September. Or it might be 98 degrees and humid. Either way, I will be happily sipping my pumpkin spice latte.

11 comments to Fall in Florida

  • Layla

    You sip that latte, girl. Celebrate fall no matter the weather.

  • kaity

    aww, that is harsh of FB people. it really depends on where you are in the state. in “north florida”, fall kind of sort of exists. i’ve never lived in orlando, but down here in tampa, it will be hot until like…november…then it will be GORGEOUS for 2 weeks. then “cold” which is fall to northeners – maybe 40s/50s?

    all i know is that for football in gainesville, it’s dresses until november – then just add tights and a jacket. i’ve worn shorts to the UF-FSU game (which is thanksgiving weekend) before, though. so you really never know.

  • I bet a pumpkin spice latte would be really good iced too! :)

  • So, being that this will be my 24th fall in Florida, I feel pretty qualified to say that yes, yes it does, in fact, get cooler in the fall. No, you won’t see pretty colored leaves. No, it won’t get cool like it does up north. But winters do get cold, some years more than others (it snowed on December 25, 2010 in Gainesville – I know, because I was working outside in my long johns and doubled up jeans). Florida is no stranger to freezing temperatures. But haters gonna hate.

  • I hate when people rain on your parade! I’ve never even been to FL (crazy I know) but I’m sure it gets cooler. Even hot and humid South Texas where I’m at ALWAYS gets cooler during the Fall and winter so I’m sure you’re in for some cooler temps. Enjoy it and your pumpkin spice lattes! ;)

  • I can’t get past the fact that the record high in the summer months is 101!! I always hear people complain about Florida being so hot, but we went over 100 like…50 something times last year, haha. I’m jealous!

    You’ll definitely adjust to the warmer weather, and soon you’ll think of your “fall” weather as nice and cool!

  • Facebook people SUCK. Lol. I’m sure you’ll soon enjoy those Florida Falls!

  • Florida falls and winters can be really unpredictable! In early January of 2011 we experienced snow flurries. I got married outside exactly one year later and everyone was comfortable in short sleeves! No matter if the winter is mild or cold, there is always at least a short stint of wonderful fall weather! It may only be a week before it returns to the 80s, but fear not – it’s coming!

  • I don’t want to post the same exact thing I said on FB but I have to say, yet again, that IT GETS BETTER! You might not notice as much of a change the first year you’re here perhaps…but after living here for 12 years I can tell you that I can tell a distinct difference in weather when the seasons change. When we’re in Orlando in early October, you and I will go get a pumpkin spice latte and it will be GLORIOUS

  • I lived in FL for 9 years and I always missed Fall…so I feel your pain. Ignore those FB people! On those days when it’s snowing and freezing up North…and it’s 60s and 70s in Florida you’ll be the one laughing! Enjoy the beautiful weather Florida gets in the Winter!

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