November 6th, 2012

Election Day Is Here!

It’s election day, people. Not just any voting is going on… voting that happens every four years. WE are choosing the next leader of our nation today. Whomever we elect will be president until at least January 2017. TWENTY SEVENTEEN. Can you imagine how much will be different then? And how much has changed since the 2008 election? Politically, and personally?

It’s an amazing privilege to vote, and a civic duty to do your research before doing so.

I knew before voting who I was voting for and feel I made an educated choice. I hope you all do too. I have been waiting for this election for four years, and it’s awesome to be in Florida for this election where I feel like I can really make a difference and feel like my vote counts.

Politics aside- those of you who brushed up on the candidates and issues, and voted: I applaud and thank you!

I voted. I count!

In honor of the election (kind of) I did a red nail today! My nails had been naked for a few days (are you happy, Mom?) so it was time to do something fun and fall-like. I chose the essie polish I got from Klout, called Skirting the Issue. Thanks Klout and essie! (PS- essie website shows this as much more of a berry than red. WRONG. I hate how the colors don’t always look true on their website!)

True life- I photoshopped out my mistakes instead of fixing them. OH WELL. All the polish on my cuticles/skin comes out after a shower so I’m not too worried.

 Big Daddy is off work today so we will be watching the news tonight and enjoying a beer or two and Chinese. The American way. Maybe.

May the best man win! Happy Election Day! And I think it goes without saying… Thirty Days of Thanks #6: I am thankful for democracy, and for the opportunity to live and grow up in this great country!

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