February 15th, 2014

Effie’s 3 Month Photos!

Nearly a month since E turned 3 months old (and since my last post!), but time to share her gorgeous 3 month photos!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect day to post them! You’ll see why…

We started out with homegirl’s potentially favorite color, purple!



The next ones might be my favorites… I love how they show her little personality.




Next up? A little baby owl in a nest. Yes, seriously. Cuteness overload.


Then come the Valentine’s Day photos! We did the below photo and she had a meltdown. Bitty does NOT like tummy time.


After the world’s most epic meltdown, we got her to fall asleep.


…for a little while, at least. She woke up a few times to give me stink eye. No question, she got that EDS (Evil Death Stare) from me. (Just ask B.)



Still sleeping, Effie got some yellow and grey photos.



Oh that sweet sleepy face!


And somehow, she woke up happy again!



It’s no surprise to me that Ashley from Still Shooting Photography did such an amazing job, again! “Like” her Facebook page for more gorgeous photos like these. I’m so happy we chose to go with her “grow with me” package so we can see E change through vivid, beautiful pictures.

I have lots more to update on… Effie’s first trip to Walt Disney World, her first trip out of FL (we went to New Jersey last weekend!) and tomorrow, her 4 month “birthday!” Can’t wait to share! Working on finding the time to balance it all, but I love when I finally get to share my amazing moments with you all on this blog!

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