December 15th, 2013

Effie – Month Two

Guess who is ALREADY two months old?


Month Two

Milestones: This has been a month of amazing progress! Effie has awesome head control (unless she’s tired.) She also is much more aware and will not only look at us, but at things like our Christmas tree or the TV. She’s started really kicking and jerking her legs and arms around, and can better push her paci into her mouth. Her legs are so strong, sometimes it feels like she will catapult herself off of us. And she’s been using her legs to arch her back when she’s fussy or mad. She hates tummy time but will do it – but loves her activity mat and swats at the hanging animals. She also LOVES to chat, smile, and laugh!

Sleep: She’s done a few of the eight-plus hour stretches, but mostly she goes down around 10 or 11, and wakes up around 3, 4 or 5 am. Trouble is, she WILL NOT go back to bed- especially not in her swaddle- after that. So I end up on the recliner, where she will only fall asleep on me. I hope when we transition her out of her swaddle, we can get her to go back down in her crib. Regardless of the hour she wakes up, I know these are still longer stretches compared to some babies, so we’re grateful!

Eating: Effie is probably down to getting only 1/4 of her daily bottles as breastmilk now, as my supply has taken a hit. The time spent pumping isn’t quite adding up to be worth the benefit, so it looks like I’ll be weaning when she’s three months. I feel good about giving her three months of some breastmilk daily. I hate that pumping takes so much of my time, that I could be spending with my girl! Effie is a great eater still, taking around 22-24 ounces a day.

Health: At her 2 month appointment, Effie checked out as happy and healthy! She measured still at 50th percentile for weight (10 lb 14 oz), and 95th-98th percentile for height (23 1/2 inches). She’s such a tall girl! She’s still a little fussy sometimes, and spits up occasionally. She also had a little bump that scared the LIFE out of me, but it turns out it’s super common and it’s just her lymph node. (File under: things that pediatricians should explain to parents before they discover them!)

Worst Moment: Most definitely the 2 month appointment, because she got her shots. Man, they really stab those suckers in. And I still feel like crying when I remember her scream and cry. I am so glad B was at the appointment with me- she was so upset when they gave her the shots. Seeing your baby hurting is just the absolute worst.

Best Moment: Seeing Effie talk, smile, and laugh, especially with B. Something about B makes E just start blabbering away. When she gets in those moods and starts chatting with us and laughing and smiling at whatever we say to her, it’s absolute heaven. Nothing is sweeter. It was also- on a personal note- really awesome to connect with my sister-in-law on a mom level while they visited for Thanksgiving! I feel like it’s brought us even closer now, and it was nice to talk about baby/kid stuff with her while she was here.

Time is flying by and my blog posts aren’t as frequent as I’d like. I’m back to work- and actually am really liking it. It gives me “adult time” and I love being productive and getting things done. Spending all day with E is fun, but I certainly don’t always get that feeling of accomplishment that a desk job provides! I am happy to say the transition was great.

Before I went back to work, many of B’s family members came for Thanksgiving. We had a great time introducing them to Effie and spending time together. Now only Aunt Rosh and Uncle Steve / Aunt Debbie haven’t met baby E. She’s so lucky to have five uncles, four aunts, one cousin, one grandpa, and three grandmas!

E also has the most amazing nanny for three afternoons a week, when B isn’t home to watch her. The nanny, “K”, is super flexible, and has her own grown kids so she is very comfortable with babies. She doesn’t just park in her the swing- she holds her, walks around with her, talks to her, takes her outside, and does activities with her like tummy time. It is the biggest answered prayer that I could imagine.

For the most part, E is the happiest little baby. She’s such a joy to be around! We are the absolute luckiest people to be her parents.

Coming soon- I’ll post our Christmas card photo shoot! I keep teasing it! But I want to make sure all my Christmas cards are out before I share. I also have a very fun giveaway coming hopefully this week! Moms of little girls, check back soon!

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