January 15th, 2014

Effie – Month Three

The best month yet!


So hard to believe it’s been 1/4 of a year with this sweet girl!

Month Three

Milestones: I can’t believe I thought she made huge progress LAST month when I compare it to THIS month! Everything is snowballing each month, she’s growing and developing more and more. Effie has gotten great at grasping. She reaches for things sometimes, but more so it’s when something touches her hand, she grabs on. I’m surprised I have hair left. She recently has been trying hard to sit up. She’s also gotten a lot more alert. She’s really aware of her surroundings and loves looking at bright colors or new people. And the biggest milestone was figuring out how to flip over! She’s completely mastered back to side and sometimes back to belly.

Sleep: There have been some tough nights, but overall, her sleep has improved. She VERY much moved up her bedtime, to around 8 or 9 around Christmas, and in the last week, to about 7:30. She also has gotten her naps under control a little; instead of having a lot of short naps during the day, she’s sleeping more at night and has about 3 slightly longer naps during the day, usually 30-45 minutes. She did this adjustment all on her own- we’re just trying to figure out what she wants/needs and make it work for her. She’s also now only having one or two wake-ups at night, which is great!

Eating: This is one of the few frustrating things right now. Effie is eating 3 ounces per feeding (up from 2 / 2.5) but is still eating pretty much every two hours. I get that she’s sleeping more at night, thus eating less then, but I would REALLY love it if she’d take 4 ounces every 3 hours or so instead. Right now she’s not wanting any part of that. She’s also been a lot more active while eating- unless she’s tired, she’s turning her head, kicking her legs, and getting distracted. I love how aware she is, but boy is she strong! She’s also moved up to a 3 month nipple, since she was collapsing all her bottle nipples while eating. Like my friend Jill said- “You have a very strong sucker!! I would be glad breastfeeding didn’t work out with that vacuum!” Still cracks me up, Jill! SO true!

Health: Effie is, for the most part, extremely happy and healthy. However, we seem to be dealing with teething. Lots of moms want to say “I know it’s all the teething symptoms but it’s actually just a developmental phase!” Well, I’m going to call it teething. She’s drooling everywhere, has times of extreme unexplainable fussiness, and will chew on anything. Her hands. Her bib. Pacifiers. Our fingers. Girl can bite HARD. So yeah, we say it’s teething. Regardless, it’s difficult to see her having a hard time, but at least it’s “normal” and something that we all go through.

Worst Moment: The scariest moment was walking to her crib because she was fighting the swaddle, only to see her flip herself over like a pancake. Cue thirteen heart attacks, and the official end of the swaddle. The transition out of the swaddle has been stressful, but successful. There have been stressful and scary moments this month, but no real “worst” ones. It’s been a great month!

Best Moment: Christmas with Effie was amazing. I also love the times I get to spend out and about with her. Getting her picture with Santa, getting me fat clothes at Old Navy, visiting Daddy at work- it’s fun to see her observe her surroundings, and it’s always nice to have people say how cute she is. The moments where I listened to her talk and sing (aka, scream talk) were also so great. Seeing her happy is the best feeling in the world. I don’t know if I could pick a best moment but this month has been full of amazing ones, so I’ll count myself lucky.

So, you may be wondering, how did we transition out of the swaddle? (Non-moms, just FYI- when your baby can roll over it’s considered no longer safe to swaddle.) Because she rolled, I felt strongly about going cold turkey. She hated the swaddle by this point anyway- she sort of needed it to get to sleep, but would wake up FIGHTING IT LIKE OMG IT WAS THE ENEMY. And she was getting too long for the only one that worked for us. (The beginning of tall girl problems. Just wait til you have to buy pants, Bitty.) For a few nights, we had her in the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack- it swaddles on top of the sleep sack, so it can be a true swaddle or just around the torso with arms free. It worked ok, but her sleep wasn’t great. A few moms, especially Molly, recommended the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit. I found a “used” one (worn twice but not to bed since the baby freaked out!) for $30 instead of the usual $40. Worth a shot, right? Oh my gosh. I hadn’t washed it yet, but Saturday morning very early, Bitty was having a party (when she NEEDED sleep) and I was at my wit’s end. I figured it couldn’t hurt to put her in it just to see. Literally within less than a minute, she was passed out. And I had to wake her up after TEN AM. This is the actual picture from that first wearing, which I had to take to remind myself I wasn’t sleeping and dreaming this up.


(Don’t worry, she was on the bed only to put it on and take it off, she sleeps in a safe crib without blankets. Oh and yes, it’s a tiny bit big on her still, haha!)

Her little sumo suit baby faces are the best!

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

So, if you’re having baby sleep issues, I say TRY A MERLIN! They come in sizes 3-6 month and 6-9 month. I’m not being paid or benefitting from this endorsement, I’m just a happy customer and happy mom.

We have a lot to look forward to in the next month, I can’t wait to see what fun we’ll experience together!

5 comments to Effie – Month Three

  • Just wait until next month! They keep growing, developing, and doing new things! It’s so crazy! She is just so adorable! :)

  • I am absolutely, positively, getting a Merlin the next time I have a baby. I’m beyond mad that I didn’t know about them while we were having so many sleep issues. I would’ve paid a million bucks to get my hands on that!!

  • Judy Kelley

    baby sumo wrestler is hysterical!! she is so adorable!

  • I think I will start keeping an eye out for a used merlin. I have a feeling I’m going to have this problem with Ethan. Mackenzie was a month behind him in size since she was a preemie, so I’m having to deal with things earlier with him than I’m used too. Also, she didn’t roll until 6 months, and I have a feeling he may do it earlier. He sounds like E when it comes to the swaddle. After a week he has started fighting the miracle swaddle that you sent me. Before I can even wrap it! So I confused him last night and put him in the halo sleep sack, Which he may almost be too long for. :o)
    E is just adorable!! Teething sucks, but sounds like you guys are hanging in there. I’m also working on getting Ethan up from every 2 hours eating to 4….he’s not a fan and there has been lots of screaming and then me giving in. Mackenzie just put herself on that 4 hour feeding schedule.

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