April 15th, 2014

Effie – Month Six

Holy crap! My baby is closer to being one than newborn. How did this happen!?


As always, it’s been an amazing month!

Month Six

Milestones: This month has been all about mastering last month’s challenges. Effie can flip herself around like a skilled little pancake. It’s hard putting her down to play, since we have tile and laminate floors and she will easily roll herself off her foam tile mat area! Her new challenge for this month is crawling! She’s been really focused on trying to crawl!! She can push up on her hands and sometimes gets on her knees. Only she can’t move forward yet so she just moves her butt up and down adorably! She sometimes wakes up at night just to practice. She’s also doing wonderfully at sitting up. She can sit unassisted for short periods of time. If she falls over, they’re also more controlled falls- you can tell she’s really increased her muscle tone. No more falling over like a bag of rocks!

Sleep: Still sleeping in her crib, still with me in her room. We are moving in a week, so her room won’t be across the house anymore, which means only one more week of sleeping in her room! It’s bittersweet. She’s been doing better at night usually. She was waking up pretty much 2 times a night, but sometimes only once. I would say she’s close to sleeping through the night sometimes (it’s been close sometimes with around a 4am very sleepy wakeup!) but since she naps poorly and goes to sleep so early, I’m pleased with one wakeup. Naps are still the pits. Sometimes we’ll get 45 minutes to a little more than an hour. Usually it’s more like 30-40 minutes. We’ll take what we can get! It’s so frustrating though… I have no idea how to help her nap longer.

Eating: Six ounces per bottle! And going 4-5 hour stretches during the day. She’s also eating a lot more real food (purees.) She is eating pureed solids at least once a day, our goal is twice, and to go up to three times a day in a few weeks. She LOVES it! She’s had and enjoyed pears, apples, prunes, sweet potatoes (her favorite!), carrots, peas, and bananas. She wasn’t the biggest fan of peaches though. We love seeing her experience new tastes!

Health: E’s reflux is even MORE under control, since we’ve changed her dosage a little bit. She seems so much happier and healthier! Also, she FINALLY got those teeth we’ve been waiting for! About a week ago, one bottom front tooth popped through and the next day, the other one. Is it weird to feel proud of her getting her teeth? Because I am!

Worst Moment: It’s probably good that I am having a really hard time thinking of one. It has to be yesterday- while Effie’s 6 month pediatrician appointment was mostly great, it always stinks when she gets her shots.

Best Moment: SO many! In Effie’s 6th month, we celebrated B’s birthday, our anniversary (4 years), and my birthday. We also had some of our best friends visit Florida so we got to spend time with them, and took E to Epcot! These special moments mean so much more with her in them.

We are so blessed to have Effie in our lives! Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to.


It was so exciting to see Effie meet her first Disney character! Alice was so sweet to us. I can’t wait to continue this tradition!

Lots of milestones too…


This is the face of a girl who wants to CRAWL! Our days and nights are full of attempts.

Days are also full of this…


Solids! This photo was carrots. Despite the look on her face- she LOVES them!


We also love getting outside. We’ve been having outside playtime on the weekends and it makes me so happy. I love seeing Effie take in nature and move around. She loves to feel the breeze on her face.

This next month will be pure craziness due to the move, but I’m sure we’ll have many happy moments to come too!

2 comments to Effie – Month Six

  • I love how Effie looks like the perfect combination of you and B – I can totally see both of you in her cute little face! I can’t believe she’s already 6 months old! Good luck with the move!

  • Nina

    Ok, that last picture of Bitty looks SO much like pictures I have of Charlie from younger months! She’s just the cutest little munchkin–I want to give her so many kisses and hugs that it’s ridiculous! C started being able to crawl (we called him an inch worm for a while) on his 7 month birthday, and really became mobile in terms of crawling at 8 months precisely. Great cousins mature alike? LOL Love you all!

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