March 15th, 2014

Effie – Month Five

Time has flown… Effie is five months old today!


It’s been another huge month for our little girl!

Month Five

Milestones: Effie has mastered the back to belly flip. No problem for our girlie! She’s also done some belly to back flips too, although those are harder for her. She is also really working on sitting up. Sometimes she can sit up unassisted for short spurts (with my hand just off to the side to catch her when she inevitably jerks off to the side when she sees a pug… or toy… or the breeze blows…) She’s spending a lot more time on her tummy now (she’s on meds for reflux- will explain more below) and she’s trying SO HARD to move and crawl. She gets frustrated really easily being on her belly for that reason. She is getting to move though another way- in her walker! Best money I ever spent. It’s flipping adorable. She loves chasing after the pugs.

Sleep: She’s really improved in this area but it’s still an uphill battle for me. Some nights/naps are better than others. A few weeks ago we started working with a sleep consultant. After our initial conversation and discussing E’s “flipping” abilities, we transitioned her out of her Merlin Sleep Suit for safety. By transitioned, I guess I mean, just stopped using it. It was SO WORTH IT for the 6-8 weeks we used it to transition out of the swaddle. Now E sleeps in footed sleepers- so easy. It’s awesome. We also moved her out of the PNP in our room! YAY! But- not so fast- I’m now sleeping in her room on the guest bed. Baby steps. We learned a lot from the sleep consultant already, and I’m *hoping* to start sleep training next week. I think she knows, because she’s been acting up as if to break my resolve in advance. Some nights E does fairly well- very little fussing- and just wakes up once to eat. Other nights it’s constant wake-ups, needing her paci before she can settle down. The other night she woke up twice to eat- that hadn’t happened in weeks, maybe MONTHS. The good part is her naps are getting better and more regular. And they’re in her crib! And longer (usually) than 20-40 minutes – her previous “standard.” Amazing! She fights going down a lot, especially for naps. But I am hoping this all can only get better as she gets more on her schedule and better at self-soothing. I am just dreading sleep training thought. I can’t imagine not sleeping only a foot away from her :(

Eating: Still about 5 oz every 3 hours- I think this month we might start trying 5.5 or 6 oz. We’ve been through a lot with food this month. When looking at E’s issues (gas, fussiness, issues while eating, not liking being on her belly) it seemed like she might have a milk sensitivity. So we went on a (pricey!) new formula and oh my gosh. Worst few days ever. It did not go well. I take back what I said above about her not waking recently more than once a night- she was up MULTIPLE times those few nights. It was miserable. After another trip to the ped, we were then told it was likely reflux, not a milk issue. I’ll talk about that more below, but she’s back on more normal formula again now. She’s also had her first food! She had a few bites of applesauce. It was adorable!

Health: The Zantac (prescribed med for reflux) has helped her immensely. She would never spend more than a minute or two on her belly before. Post-Zantac, she’s not only spending more time on her belly, she’s SLEEPING on her belly. (Her choice, not mine!) I put her down on her back and she ends up on her side or her belly. Glad she can feel comfortable that way now! The teething is also just as bad. No teeth in sight. I hate seeing her in pain or frustrated. It feels like we’re finally figuring stuff out though, which is good!

Worst Moment: Probably one of the nights (take your pick), either the nights on the milk-sensitivity formula, or the first night we tried moving her to her crib. OR- maybe the 2 wakeup night last week where I was literally crying and saying ” I don’t know what to do for you!!!” as she just screamed and screamed. Since B works nights, these moments are very hard for me to stomach alone. It’s nice to have someone to bounce stuff off of, it usually helps me be less panicked too. Regardless, worst moment was definitely sleep related.

Best Moment: Probably seeing her take longer naps in her crib. I know that sounds silly if you don’t have a kid, but I knew that these little “cat naps” weren’t doing her any good. We’re still working on it, but her 1 hour 20 minute nap the other morning brought a tear to my eye! Also, having her walk around in the new walker is so incredibly entertaining. Those poor, poor pugs.

Overall- even with the sleep struggles- I feel like Effie had the best month yet (yet again!) It’s so great to see this happy face every day:


Effie has moved into 3-6 month size clothing completely. I think that happened just after the 4 month mark. It’s nice to have a whole new wardrobe for her but it’s also sad to see her growing up!

She’s also been steadily losing her hair. It’s crazy! The once abundant swirl of brown hair on the back of her head is now but a wisp. It seems to be coming in blonde now, though. Which doesn’t surprise me based on my hair during childhood- always teetered between brown and blonde. I can’t wait until it’s long enough to put a real bow or clip in.

Effie started her fifth month by meeting one of my long-time blogger friends: talented writer and gorgeous mama, Jess from Jessica Lynn Writes! In fact, we got to meet her entire sweet little family. They totally exceeded my already high expectations! Such awesome, funny, personable folks.


And little Julia was just the cutest ever. Clearly Effie was in awe of her. Julia walking? Heart melting.

Effie also started her (hopefully long) animal rescuing career this month. We found a turtle in the road (a nasty mean looking one!) and she helped her nanny save him. He was coaxed into a plastic tub and then they let him go by a lake.


Every day gets better and better, even with the hard parts. Motherhood hasn’t been the most challenging part (though it is challenging)- it’s the amount of time I have to do it solo. The nights can be especially difficult, wondering if I’m doing the right things for her, meeting her needs. But in the morning, when I see this face? It’s all worth it and I know I’m doing a good job.


And yes… she’s a tiny little clone of Big Daddy. Except he NEVER looks that happy at 7am. Only difference between those two.

I’ve also posted about one million baby outfit-of-the-day photos of her. I don’t know why, but that keeps me so happy! Meanwhile, I look like a homeless hobo. I guess that’s part of being a mom!

I obviously instagram her a ton, and I finally found a way to use them that really excites me! Sticky9 (formerly Stickygram) allows you to access your instagram photos and create 9 magnets for $14.99 (with free shipping!) Look how awesome they look on our fridge!


You can also get 15% off your first order! (Making those 9 magnets only $12.74… or there are other products like iPhone/tablet covers.) Just use my referral code FRIENDTTHZ. They had me at free shipping, but the magnets were so cute I’ll definitely be coming back for more!

I have so many things I am working on (in my head) posts about, so it’s disappointing that yet again, my last update was a month ago. I have a list of our best-loved baby items that I hope to go up around her 6 months. I have some car seat safety information I want to share (I went on a research binge recently. I’m that mom. Sorry.) And then I have a craft to share to lighten it up! I made these for Effie this month:


I had lots of people ask me how to do it, so I plan to do a quick tutorial to share!

Hopefully these posts will be up soon- and as Effie takes longer naps hopefully that will make it easier to do some posts on the weekends! If not… I’ll see you for her 6 month post (gahhh!)

7 comments to Effie – Month Five

  • I just laughed so loud about you looking like a hobo. My daughter is dressed to the 9’s EVERYday and I am the bum pushing the car. Literally, with her in it.

    • kjpugs

      LOL!!! Yes! I had a friend say once how it pissed her off when she would see a mom dressed to the 9’s and the baby looking mismatched. I thought to myself, um, why can’t they BOTH be dressed nice? HA. NOW I KNOW. It’s much easier (and more fun!) to get her dressed up cute! I just hope then no one will look past her at me, hahaha.

  • She gets more adorable every day. Love seeing all the IG photos :-)

    Glad you are finding solutions to issues that come up. You are a good mom!

  • Ahhh! She’s getting so big! And more adorable each month! :)

    Those magnets are so cool!

  • Morgan

    Oh my goodness, she is getting so big! And looking so much like her daddy!

    And I so adore all of the little headbands you put her in!

  • Great update, can’t wait to see your future posts! I’d love to see how you painted the onesies and the car seat info. Also, I used to have that exact pug magnet lol :-D

  • Mommers

    Love it! You did such nice work!

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