June 22nd, 2012

Dress Me

One of my besties is getting married in August. And I will ACTUALLY BE IN ATTENDANCE! And as long as his time off is approved, so will B. This is huge. Thus, a dress is needed.

The wedding is a church wedding with a nice reception. I want to order a dress online from eShakti due to my great experiences with them thus far. But I can’t decide which one to order, so you all are going to help me. Oh and this is not sponsored or promoted or anything… I just want to buy a dress from there and happen to be the most indecisive person in Florida.

Cream/Orange Ruffle Cascade Dress

This was my original choice. I love the bright color and think it would compliment me. I would pair it with turquoise and gold nails and some exciting bright earrings, and some gold strappy shoes I have. But I worry about it being possibly too casual? And since I have larger hips, would this shape work on me? Why did I have to overthink this?

To make it more formal, I could get the same dress in Royal Blue:

Royal Blue Ruffle Cascade Dress

It’s only pro is that it’s more formal. I don’t think the color would be as flattering, and it’s not as fun.

If I wanted to stick with orange…

Orange Converging Pleats Dress

I LOVE this dress, but it’s a huge risk. Not only is it more shapely, but it’s a jersey fabric, which can be unforgiving on a larger middle and thunderous thighs.

To totally throw off the results, I’m also considering:

Multi/Navy Spring Foliage Dress

I know this shape would be more flattering, but with my wide hips I wonder if the skirt would be too full for my liking. I think if the colors were more fun/vibrant I’d probably snatch this up. I don’t know how this color combination would look on me, or what to wear with it.

Friends, what do you think? Which dress would look best on me? And how should I accessorize? The dresses are all pretty much the same price, so it does not factor in. Thanks for helping me look my best for the wedding of the year!

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  • Sunny

    Go with your gut! Get the first one, it should be formal enough and you like it. :)

  • Stacy Marie

    I agree 100% with Sunny, go with your gut! That orange ruffly print is by far the cutest, and I don’t think you have to worry about the larger hips issue. I also think as it is its probably too casual, but the things you mentioned to jazz it up would take it to dressy land. Go for it!

  • Nichole

    Does eShakti have a good return policy? If so, buy all 3, try them on, then return the 2 you don’t like! Since you don’t need it until August, then you should have plenty of time.

    • kjpugs

      Hi Nichole! They do have a good policy but I like to get the dresses custom (fit GREAT!) which means return is for store credit only… and I don’t really need to be spending that much. Plus I want to wait a bit since I’ve been losing weight. If I can’t decide by late July though I may need to just order non-custom sizes of two of them last minute!

  • I love the first one! With the right accessories and shoes it would be perfect for a church wedding/reception. I think you’ll get the most use out of it too – it would be a great dress for more casual events too. I like the style of the orange jersey dress, but I’m with you on the jersey fabric bit. I stay far away from jersey fabric!

  • I love the first one! Definitely dress it up with the accessories you mentioned. Maybe even add a wrap to make it even more formal (which could be nice if the church is chilly, or once the sun goes down later).

  • One of the first two FOR SURE. I’m not feeling the second two options, and I think we’re built similarly. More specificaly, I KNOW the last two wouldn’t work for me. So, I’ve decided they won’t be your faves either.

  • I would go with either #1 or #4. I think any of them would look fab on you, but I think you should do a print! The first one is my favorite and you can totally dress it up. I would do a really awesome necklace, some cute bangles (maybe like all gold) and some strappy gold sandals. And a metallic clutch to match. I think orange would look great with gold and would look really good with your coloring!

  • My favorite is the second one!

  • i LOVEEEE the first one! you can totally dress it up with your accessories!

  • I’m also voting for number one, love the print, color and shape!

  • Kelly

    The first one is my favorite and second choice would have to be the last one. I think the first one looks more formal and wedding-like though.

  • Judy Kelley

    Hi, I love the dresses on that website! so here’s my 2 cents – I like the ruffle dress, #1. The print is pretty and formal enough. You didn’t say what time of day the wedding was, you only need to be really formal at night.

    I do think the fit of the last dress, with the waistband and the a-line skirt would look better on you. it emphasizes your slimming waist and de-emphasizes the hips. The orange dress, solid color, has all of it’s embellishment right at the hips…

    I liked this dress – http://www.eshakti.com/Product/CL0023894/Summer-garden-picnic-dress

    this one has a lovely shape – http://www.eshakti.com/Product/CL0023699/Spanish-hacienda-sundress

    this one has the same shape, just in a pretty print – http://www.eshakti.com/Product/CL0023660/Birds-in-bamboo-porcelain-dress

    Thanks for the fun, and no matter what you wear you will be beautiful!

  • Emily

    I am in love with this site! Pure genius! I also love dress one AND they have matching tops :) heart!

  • Loving the new layout! It is super cute. As for the dresses, I definitely like the two that are printed. #1 seems a little more formal to me though but I adore the print on #4. Not that that was much help but I agree with all the other commenters, go with your gut!

  • Kelly

    I LOVE the first one!

  • I love the first dress. The color and the ruffles goodness, so pretty! I hope everyone is helping you find the perfect dress for your friends wedding. I’m really glad you posted this bc now I have some new clothing sites to visit :)

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