November 21st, 2012

Do I look like an Elf? (I kind of want to.)

Isn’t it funny how sometimes things come to you when you most need them?

A week or so ago (probably one of the nights I was blogging about needing wine and carbs) in a moment of crabbiness I was thinking how I just really needed something to look forward to. Post-Utah depression, I guess. (It’s back again a bit… a five day weekend, but four of them I’ll be alone as Big Daddy works… including Thanksgiving.) But right after I thought that about needing something, I got an email about a photoshoot to benefit pug rescue.

Central Florida Pug Rescue has a photographer providing their services on Saturday, in beautiful Celebration, FL. For a VERY affordable price we’ll get pictures taken of us and the pugs, and will be sent images to use for our Christmas cards! I’ve been in photoshoot withdrawals since our wedding in 2010, so this has me capital-E Excited. B, on the other hand… well, he’s attending. This is definitely a “me” thing and I’m glad he’s going along with it.

I wanted to do Christmas cards this year but wasn’t sure how to get a picture of us all, so this photoshoot was an answered prayer. Being able to help CFPR at the same time is the icing on the cake!

B will be wearing a red or green polo (he has both.) I had an Old Navy reward to use, so I went shopping today (buy one, get one 75% off for cardholders… booyah! I can’t handle black Friday shopping so I got it over with today.)

Here’s where I need your help… outfit planning!

I bought this green shirt with the necklace on the left in mind, but immediately preferred the one on the right (which I forgot I had!)

The necklace on the left is pretty- but it’s heavier, lays a bit too high, and is very heavy. The one on the right is wood so it is lighter, and lays better. WIN!

I bought red shoes as well at Old Navy… now just to pick the pants. I *think* I like the middle ones (black) best. The jeans (right) didn’t look right for some reason.

What do you think?

Last but not least… I will need a fancy Christmas manicure! I figure it should probably be red, since my shirt is green. Some options:

The polishes on the right (Zoya America and OPI Simply Smashing) are probably my favorites. Simply Smashing is a gold/greenish glitter… maybe America with Simply Smashing as an accent nail? Or perhaps I’ll do America with L’Oreal The Temptress’ Power over it- it’s a sheer gold with a slight green sheen to it. I could always go a totally different direction with Color Club’s Editorial, a metallic green-gold. What do you think would work with my elf look?

To help temper my dispair over being alone for Thanksgiving, B has actually agreed to allow me to PAINT THE PUGS’ NAILS. So… stay tuned. Saturday will be (hopefully) awesome!

And for Thirty Days of Thanks #21: I am thankful that pug rescues like CFPR and KPR exist. All rescues help so many animals in need, and spread awareness about shelter and rescue pets. I am so thankful for the rescue organizations and volunteers, and for all the animals that have homes now thanks to rescues- including my three!

4 comments to Do I look like an Elf? (I kind of want to.)

  • You look FANTASTIC, Kelly! I really like the necklace on the left, though—I like the solid color it has, but I do like the middle pants.

    Can I just say for minute that I’m freaking jealous ON had a buy one, get one 75% off for cardholders?! Since I’ve been out here that’s the only place I’ve really bought clothes from. Here’s hoping they have some sort of fantastic sale like that when I’m home!

  • Maria

    Love the top with the black pants too! And I vote America with the green shimmer accent nail.

  • You are looking awesome and the middle outfit is super cute!

  • You look so cute!!!! I’m too late to vote on an outfit but I hope you did go with the middle black pants and your original necklace. We’ll get to see the finished picture, right?!

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