November 7th, 2012

DJ Nails, meet 2012

Back in elementary school (I’m guessing 4th grade?) my friend Sara and I had a summer business. DJ nails. Which stood for both our then last-name initials. I believe we charged 50 cents for a manicure? I vividly remember doing a black and blue checkered manicure. We used Wet’n’Wild nail polish almost exclusively because it was $1.00.

Oh and on top of being¬†entrepreneurs, we were really really ridiculously goodlooking. And liked stripes. (I’m the blonde, she’s the brunette.)

I kept my stash in an awesome turquoise and pink caboodle. I would brag that I had FIFTY NAIL POLISHES. Life was good. I think we made $10 or $20 each that summer, or something equally ridiculous for a fourth grader.

My passion for polish faded until the last year, as you’ve obviously seen. I have the strange ability to tell you where I bought almost every single polish I own. (Strange fact: I can do that with clothes too.) And I’ve shown you this before, but I have my collection “legend” to guide me when buying nail polish. I bought one too many dupes that I had to return, and finally gave up and put them all on index cards.

If I could re-do this, I would use a ruler and mark out boxes on the index card. I wasted space at first, and it’s disorganized. I plan to re-do these in the next year or so, and they will be neater the next time.

Anyway, here you go, in color order:

My pinks/reds/nudes. I promise Zoya Kate (bottom center) is much pinker, it just has an orange sheen that caught the light. My favorite on here: Butter London Fairy Lights (bottom right).

My yellows/oranges/browns. Favorite on here would be hard, I love OPI A Roll in the Hague. But Julep Alma could take the cake.

My blues/greens, aka my favorite card. I really should have split these two up! My favorites (plural) are Nicole Mer-Maid for Each Other (2 across, 3 down), OPI Russian Navy (2nd down), and Zoya Gemma (3rd across). I also can’t wait to try Julep Hailee (snuck in between the top two rows- one of the suedes we got for November!!)

My purples/grays/blacks. AKA, the most under-appreciated palette of them all. These didn’t photograph that well unfortunately. My favorite is the old classic, Revlon Vixen. My oldest nail polish, and it’s a classic. I still own two bottles.

My glitters/whites/metallics. Anything metallic/white, gold, silver, rose gold, multicolor glitter… it goes here. You might as well call this accent nail station. My favorite is definitely Orly Rage (2nd row, 2nd in.) Everyone should have a variety of accent metallics like this. The only disappointment was that my crackles wouldn’t crackle on the index card! So, I wrote “crackle” next to them.

Even if you have a small collection of nail polish, throw them on an index card. It makes shopping for polish easier, as you’ll see what your collection is missing. It also helps you decide what color to paint your nails without going through every bottle you own.

I was far too lazy to link any polishes, and I know my handwriting is atrocious. If you see a color you like, let me know which (# down and # across) and I will tell you what it is!

PS… I have 95 nail polishes now. Eat it, 4th grade KJ.

How do you organize your nail polishes? Anyone else guilty of buying dupes now and then?

PS…¬†Thirty Days of Thanks #7: Today would have been my dad’s 60th birthday. I cannot believe that! The last birthday I spent with him was ten years ago, where we had a roast for his 50th. I am so thankful that I had him in my life for eighteen and a half years. I am very lucky to have had that time with an amazing father.

12 comments to DJ Nails, meet 2012

  • My eye immediately went to Orly Rage on that card – I was excited to hear it’s your favorite, too! I’m interested to learn, if you had to buy only one brand of nail polish for the rest of your life, which would you select?

    • kjpugs

      Rage is the best!!! It looks so amazing with anything :) And I’m probably an essie girl for life, but only if I can have my Orly base coat and Seche Vite topcoat!

  • Love nail polish!

    I need to buy more nail polishes & get rid of the really old stuff! I also need to get my nail polishes on a card so I know what they look like!

  • Twinner

    This is so funny to me! If you saw my gallon-sized Ziplock of nail polishes that I have had since the 90s, I think you’d just cry.

    Thankful for your poppers and the precious years you had together.<3

  • Meanwhile, my friends and I were off trying to be the real life Babysitter’s club. haha Love this post! and this is such a good idea! I don’t have nearly as many polishes as you but since I don’t have as much, now might be a good time to start indexing them. I notice I always go for similar shades to what I already have and I need to stop that!

  • Layla


    You never cease to crack me up/amaze me with your childhood stories. I was such a lame little kid – you were owning life immediately.

  • Dude. You were a manicurist in grade school. That’s pretty epic!
    I should probably do this now that my obsession is growing… funny that most of my collection is plums and reds! I need to branch out!

  • Holy nailpolish batman! I envy your collection!

  • I’m so impressed with all of your nail polish collection. It’s amazing!

  • Too cute! I haven’t counted my collection. I used to bite my nails when I was younger, so I don’t have a cute nail polish story for you, other than I hurt my back badly 3 years ago & I was on bed rest for 1 full week while on med’s and that kinda started my nail polish obsession. I like your nail polish cards, you are so organized! :)

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