December 10th, 2013

Christmas 2013 Wish List

It’s amazing how kiddos change things.

I usually post my Christmas “wish list” on December 1st. I did start working on this list on December 1st. Yup- took a while to find time to put it together! I also have had THE hardest time coming up with things I need, or even want. I found that a bunch of things I put on my mental list were more “us” gifts, or things for E. So I divided this year’s into three categories. Truly, I am so blessed that if I don’t get a single thing on here, I’ll be fine! But it’s fun to keep up with the yearly tradition of making this list.


Gifts for Momma KJ:

1. Ulta or Old Navy gift cards. Mama needs some new nail polish topcoat and Clarisonic brush heads from Ulta. And my body rearranged itself post-baby so pretty much none of my clothes fit, even ones that I wore when I weighed more previously! Old Navy here I come (when I’m brave enough.) So these two are a must.
2. A fun water bottle to tote around. It’s Tervis, it’s goldfish, it’s adorable. ($25, here)
3. The Etsy nail polish bug has bitten. This is one of my faves (ILoveNP Birefringence- $12.50 here), but an Etsy gift card would work too! Lots of amazing stuff on that site.
4. I need probably three of these to help store my polish. Errr.. display them? ($15, here)
5. Essie Peak of Chic… the perfect bright glitter polish. (At Ulta or CVS for $8.50)
6. I would never buy this Deborah Lippmann for myself (Stronger, $19) unless it was on sale on Gilt, but come on… it’s amazing.

And for “us”…

7. A kegerator. Any kegerator, really. New parents can dream, right?
8. Nice sheets for our new Cal King sized bed. A dark color like navy or maroon. From anywhere.
9. Amazon gift cards, because we seem to buy something on there for the house, us, or baby once a day. I love Prime.
10. New towels, since ours are six years old. GROSS. Any green, good quality, oversized ones would be nice!

Can’t forget gifts for E, too!

11. Any activity center or jumper. This is the one I registered for (always on sale on Amazon) but didn’t get. I will probably buy one of these second hand if we don’t get one- since I’m not picky.
12. I am picky about this… a Baby Snug (instead of the ubiquitous bumbo.) I found it’s cheapest on this site. (Albee Baby, $59.99)
13. Buy Buy Baby gift cards don’t last long in our house, either!
14. Books, books, books!! This is pretty much the only thing we’ve gotten E for Christmas already, even though they’re things she won’t use for months and months. We don’t have any from this list yet!

What a change it has been this year making this list. It’s been so hard to think of things- what a blessing! And it’s also been hard to find time to sit down and make this post, haha. Only took me 10 days! Hopefully as we get more into a routine, I will find more time to post.

What are you asking for for Christmas?! I assume all you moms out there feel the same as me… it’s hard not to make a wish list for baby instead of yourself!

And because I can’t NOT… here’s a Christmas picture of Effie!


This is a sneak peek from our Christmas card photo shoot, also done by the amazing Still Shooting Photography! Effie started smiling of course AFTER we took these, haha. I can’t wait to take her three month pictures next month! I also can’t wait to share the rest of our amazing Christmas photos after our cards go out!

4 comments to Christmas 2013 Wish List

  • I found that my list is mostly things for Jacob. Funny how that happens. I want the BabySnug Seat so bad! We were given a free Bumbo, so I can’t complain, but I’d love to get a BabySnug instead! I wish I could get some giftcards to clothing places too, since I can’t afford to get more.

  • Love, love, love that little red sweater!

  • […] picks” on my Christmas Wish List this year! I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs KJ Pugs, she posts a list each year just for fun. Just to be clear, I’m not expecting any of these […]

  • My list this year was mainly for the kiddos. I got myself two books for my kindle that I’ve already gotten from the library twice and can’t seem to finish before having to return them. :)
    Did you get the baby snug seat?? We had the bumbo with Mackenzie and it worked but I didn’t love it. Also I love second hand baby stuff – my favorite store here is Once Upon A Child. :)

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