January 15th, 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap

Ahhh Christmas. I remember it like it was yesterday! And it was the best Christmas I’ve had in years… maybe since our engagement on Christmas Eve, 2008?!

For as long as I lived in Indiana, I spent Christmas with B and his family. I’ve missed celebrating with my mom and sisters, especially after *almost* being able to go to Utah with them last year but not being able to afford it. Min (the Utah sister who is getting married) couldn’t come to Florida this year, but Rosh and my mom could!

Mommers arrived first. She’s not a fan of dogs.

Her face is saying “I love you but get away from me puh-lease!!!”

Rosh arrived that evening. The next morning- Christmas Eve, we went to Disney! We get in for free when it’s not blocked out. Most holidays are blocked out. The entire MONTH of December was, except for Christmas Eve and Day for just Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Animal Kingdom is our favorite park, so we were excited to take our guests! B luckily had Christmas Eve off so he was able to come too.

Rosh and I had fun on the tram.


PS… that gorgeous girl got INVITED TO SERVE AS A PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEER FOR COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN ARMENIA!!! She had been waiting to hear for a while but we didn’t find out until last week. Talk about proud!!!!

The Animal Kingdom decorations were beautiful.

I was very chilly- it was unseasonably cool for Florida- so I complained for a while until I found a long sleeve shirt to buy later.

Pretty much the first thing we did was ride Escape from Everest! We LOVE that roller coaster.

I love riding coasters and the ones at Disney generally do not disappoint. Animal Kingdom is a nice mix of rides and attractions- the best of everything. I highly recommend Escape from Everest.

We later got wet on a water ride (cue more complaining and thus the shirt purchase) and saw a show. After, it was time to do a fast pass for the Safari and get some sweets. Rosh just asked for a cupcake… look what she got!

It’s not a trip to Animal Kingdom without a picture of the Tree of Life!

And of course, some trips to the gift shops…. (notice the long sleeves! I was happy and warm again!)

Finally it was time for the SAFARI! I took two bazillion pictures, so here are the highlights with some of my favorites. The hippos:

My favorite animal, giraffes:



It was amazing! So much better than the time we rode it in million degree heat last summer.

We were all park-ed out, so we went back to our house to get ready for dinner. We went to the very nice restaurant where B works. The Chef started us with little gyro pockets for the amuse course, which I neglected to take pictures of unfortunately. Same with the sushi they all got (since I’m not into it!) After we ordered some appetizers that I DID get pictures of: The goat cheese and beet plate, and a goat cheese ravioli.


We like goat cheese.

Then our main dishes… I went smaller scale with the vegetarian unplugged (picky polly over here).

I will dream of the purple sweet potatoes forever. I keep asking B to bring a tupperware to work to bring some home. Ain’t gunna happen.

B got the Grouper, and my mom and Rosh split a filet.


After dinner, of course, is DESSERT! This is what was left of it. They hooked us up with pretty much a tiny bit of everything.

Carrot cheesecake, whoopie pies, a pear tart, a buckeye, peppermint bark and ice cream, a chocolate “lava” type cake, mint ganache, and a chocolate chipotle cupcake. Be still my heart. We were all happy.

FULL, and happy.

At 10pm, we went outside to watch the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks.

It was beautiful! What a view.

AND… while out there, we witnessed the most awkward proposal known to man. You’d think he had proposed buying a new toilet brush. That was her level of excitement.

Rosh and I also started a new game where you hold hands through a modern planter of succulents and see who lets go first.

Rosh won, but only because we had to go and did rock-paper-scissors.

B and I were happy to celebrate four years since we got engaged. My level of excitement was much more appropriate than the homegirl’s from earlier.

Christmas morning came quickly- boy were we tired after that long, fun-filled day!

When you are in our house, this is what happens when you sit on the floor for present-opening…

We skyped with Min and Aaron in Utah to open gifts.

Dixie hoarded her gift and the other pugs’ gifts. They got stuffed ice cream cones, obviously. She looks a little guilty, but mostly not.

We all shared some really awesome gifts! Some of my favorites that I got were my FitBit Zip (Min got herself one, as well as one for Mommers, me, and Rosh) and my new slippers from Mommers…


I also got some great beer items, including a beer tasting kit from Rosh, and this IPA brewing kit from my best friend!

Then there was the giraffe paper towel holder from Aunt P…

And my golden gift of awesomeness, my kindle from B!

We were totally spoiled by our families and each other. It was fun to open gifts with my family.

B had to work on Christmas Day, so I had a lazy evening with my family. The next day B was off again, and we went to do some shopping, and later saw Les Mis (amazing!) Lots of naps and shopping… my favorite way to vacation.

I was sad to see them go, but will luckily get to see ALL my family this weekend. I’ll be flying to New Jersey for my sister’s shower and some celebrating! I think it’s funny that I had to move to Florida to see my family more- but it’s fine by me!

Hope you all had a holiday week as special as mine! And…. don’t forget to enter my giveaway!


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