June 8th, 2012

June 8th Five Question Friday

Here’s another round of Five Question Friday courtesy of My Little Life!

1. Did you do anything special for your kids on the last day of school? Or did you parents do anything special for you?

Obviously I don’t have kids, so I’m focusing on the latter part of this question. And I’m coming …READ MORE

March 20th, 2012

Two Badass Years

Today is my two year wedding anniversary! Big Daddy and I have been man and wife for 1/5 of a decade.

I saw on Weddingbee that people were using random.org to select wedding photos to share, instead of just the 10% or so that they use all the time. So I went to random.org and …READ MORE

December 19th, 2011

Belated Recaps: A & A’s Wedding

Wayyy back ages ago, in October, B and I got to experience a wedding we’ve been waiting for for ages! His best friend, Aaron, finally got hitched.

Aaron and Amber are one of those adorable couples that you just love to be around. Because they are so cute and blissful. Their wedding was nothing short …READ MORE

November 21st, 2011

Belated Recaps: B’s Cousin’s Wedding

Way way back in August – which is hard to imagine now, since it’s frigid out – we celebrated the wedding of B’s final unmarried cousin, T, and his now-wife, C.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! It was in Saint Louis, which is a short drive from Indianapolis. Big Daddy got a hotel room with …READ MORE

September 24th, 2011

Belated Recaps: Andrea’s Wedding!

Woohoo, more belated recaps of spring/summer for you!

Back in June, the week after the Wine Festival weekend, I was lucky enough to attend my sorority sister Andrea’s wedding! If you don’t know who I’m talking about, check out this post about Andrea from the last time she was in town. Big Daddy had to …READ MORE