November 20th, 2011

Last Chance…

Right now is your ABSOLUTE LAST CHANCE to sign up for the Kitty & Canine Holiday Blogger gift exchange- check it out here!

I would be writing more, but I’m blogging via 3G on my iPhone because someone decided to download an entire season of Sons of Anarchy which has rendered our internet unusable. Phone …READ MORE

November 15th, 2011


Today was the day. About eight weeks ago I faced giving blood and wasn’t successful. It was a major letdown. Refresh your memory here… it wasn’t my favorite experience.

I followed advice that you guys gave me… I hydrated a lot, starting Sunday. I ate more food this morning- my normal yogurt but also peanut …READ MORE

October 20th, 2011

TWI – Veggie a Go Go

Happy Weigh In Thursday!

Week: -1.8

Total: -15.2

I was SO PUMPED about this week! I had a tough week as far as tracking went, but I was very aware of what went in my mouth. I know the whole “if you bite it, you write it” rule, but I think sometimes if I …READ MORE

September 16th, 2011

Hip Bursitis?

Goodness gracious, what a week I’ve had. Painful. Sorry in advance that this will be a long read!

I worked a lot last weekend. 16 hours on my feet. The cupcake place is not so bad on my feet- but Old Navy? Obviously, horrible. We run all over that store, reaching, bending, etc. And of …READ MORE

August 22nd, 2011

What to say…

I have started and stopped this post a million times.

I’m going through a hard time.

I always say that. I know. But here’s something about me you need to know: I worry a lot. I have anxiety. I need a gameplan for almost every occasion, and I feel extremely uncomfortable until I have a …READ MORE