December 2nd, 2011

TWI – No Gain Success!

Well Thanksgiving came and went…

Week: -0

Total: -21.8

I stayed exactly the same! Which, over the course of Thanksgiving weekend, I consider a success. I used a different scale last week though, which I know makes a difference sometimes.

I also think having healthy, veggie-heavy meals so much this week helped.


November 28th, 2011

TWI on Monday

Happy Monday! And it’s time for my (last Thursday) weigh in update.

Week: -.6

Total: -21.8

For the weight in right after our Thanksgiving Eve meal, I’d say this isn’t bad! I wasn’t doing superbly over Thanksgiving, but have started up just fine right now. I am challenging myself to FULLY TRACK this week …READ MORE

November 18th, 2011

TWI – Broke It Down!

I did it! I did it!

Week: -2.2

Total: -21.2

Yay!!! I passed 20 pounds, and passed a number that I very much wanted to pass. I broke down that wall and am well on my way.

I am now within a few pounds of my weight when I first joined Weight Watchers in …READ MORE

November 10th, 2011

TWI – Reclaiming Ground

Thursday comes so quickly each week!

Week: -1.4

Total: -19

I was within .2 of re-losing what I had gained- AND this is my “womanly week” so I know my hard work paid off, since those weeks are usually worse than I expect.

So how is the vegetarian thing going… ha. B went pescetarian …READ MORE

November 3rd, 2011

TWI – Booooo.

Wellll it’s not my best week.

Week: +1.6

Total: -17.6

I had a hard week and I saw this coming.

My issue was emotional eating. Mostly, this related to time off around the holidays this year. I gave up my day off at Thanksgiving (my mom and sis Rosh will be in town) so …READ MORE