August 10th, 2012

Guest Post: Claire aka The Realistic Nutritionist!

You know how most people bloggers feel about The Pioneer Woman? Where they want to go to her ranch and watch her cook and be adorable, then have a sleepover and talk about boys and hang out and be BF4E? Followed by more food eating? And then cocktails? That’s how I feel about Claire, aka …READ MORE

March 15th, 2012

TWI – Dirty Thirty

A great update today, friends!

Week: -2.2

Total: -30.4

Yep, I hit 30 pounds! The day before Big Daddy’s 30th birthday! I actually ended up having a surprise party for him today… but that’s another post.

I’m at that point where NOTHING fits when it comes to pants. I had a cute pair of …READ MORE

February 16th, 2012

TWI – A Gift

It was a good week, but I’m not sure I earned it.

Week: -2.6

Total: -27.6

Since Charlie was born, B and I have been going non-stop! The Super Bowl was crazy for him, and I have been swamped with work since we went live on a new order entry system that same week. …READ MORE

January 20th, 2012

TWI – Welcome Back

The good news is I have weighed in weekly since my last TWI post. The bad news is I haven’t shared!

Dec 8: +1.2

Dec 15: -3.6

Dec 22: +2.2

Dec 29: -3.2

Jan 5: +0.4

Jan 12: +0.6

Jan 19: -1.4

Total: -25.6

So I’ve been pretty up and down, but I’ve reached …READ MORE

January 8th, 2012

Instagram 365 Week 1

So, I decided that this year, I am going to instagram one picture per day and then compile them all. I’ll post every week, and I plan to make a book of them when 2012 is over. No real rules except that the picture HAS to be taken that day! Here is my first week …READ MORE