January 6th, 2013

TWI on Sunday and DietBet

Ouch, that first weigh in after letting yourself go for a little bit hurts, don’t it?

Weeks: +4.8

Total: -42.6

I’m not totally bummed. The last two weeks that I weighed in, I was already in the holiday downward spiral but somehow lost a combined 4.6 lbs. And was all “???” about it. So …READ MORE

December 31st, 2012

How do I recap 2012?

Cue me now having RENT songs stuck in my head. (“Measure in loveeeeee… seasons of lllllooooovvvvveeeeee!”) But seriously… this was one hell of a year! It was so full of twists and turns and changes for me and my family.

I am a firm believer that NYE sets the tone for your year. (Related sidenote: …READ MORE

December 25th, 2012

Hula Hoopy Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I’ve been having a great time celebrating with B (yesterday was our four year engagement anniversary!) and my mom and sister Rosh! They arrived this weekend and we’ve been having a blast, I can’t wait to tell you all about our adventures. Also- we miss you Min! My other sister and her …READ MORE

December 18th, 2012

The 15th was BUSY.

Oh hello, Tuesday.I think I’m still recovering from December 15th.

On Saturday, I did my second 5k! Well, actually it was a 3 mile “fun run,” NOT a 5k. The difference? 1/10 of a mile.

This event was the Reindeer Run, at SeaWorld! With the Christmas theme, they had a costume contest, so many runners …READ MORE

December 2nd, 2012

My First 5K!

The day finally came! Today was my first 5k, the OUC Half Marathon & 5k in downtown Orlando.

The OUC is the Orlando Utilities¬†Commission¬†for our area. And because, apparently, paying them hefty amounts for our water, electricity, and trash each month isn’t enough, I paid them to run 3.1 miles.

The 5k portion started at …READ MORE