January 3rd, 2013

The Final Instagram 365

I can’t believe I’m closing out the year of 2012 in photos.

12/16/12: My first Deborah Lippmann manicure!

12/17/12: On a work trip, I LOVED this Miami radio station… One Direction, then that “A Night at the Roxbury” song. I call that winning.


December 30th, 2012

Instagram 365: Weeks 49 and 50

Only two more of these posts, including this one! Wheee! Then I’m free to make my book of 365 +1 (damn you leap year) pictures.

12/2/12: That time when Harley was bleeding everywhere and I couldn’t figure out why… and then realized it was because when he backed into the …READ MORE

December 9th, 2012

Instagram 365: Weeks 47 and 48

Hello again everyone! I gave myself a little week-long vacay, but I’m back! And I still have six weeks of daily instagram photos until we’ve finished the year! Here are weeks 47 and 48.

11/18/12: I found this blurb in a magazine and obviously had to celebrate!


November 25th, 2012

Instagram 365: Weeks 45 and 46

Still getting caught up over here! And a quick reminder – today is the last day to join the Kitty & Canine Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange! Don’t miss out- sign up!

11/4/12: Sophie was saying “Mooooooom there’s a lobster on my head!”

11/5/12: Making sour …READ MORE

November 24th, 2012

Instagram 365: Weeks 43 and 44

Almost caught up on my instagram project!

10/21/12: Almost exactly four years since we were at this awesome place! I love North Carolina.

10/22/12: SOMEONE was a little under the weather.

10/23/12: A classic work from home outfit of the …READ MORE