November 23rd, 2012

Update and Award

First and formost: Happy 26th to my wonderful sister, Min!

The latest… yup, there have been no weigh-in Thursdays for the last few weeks… I have been a BAD girl since Utah. I don’t think I’ve necessarily eaten all that badly, I just haven’t been tracking. Planning meals, and tracking every bite I eat sometimes …READ MORE

November 12th, 2010

I’m Versatile!

I’m super behind on my reader (I hit up a few a night, but most of my blogger buddies are doing NaBloPoMo too so that’s like 10-15 posts per blogger) so if I haven’t commented in a while, a bunch of email notifications from me are in order.

That being said I caught up with …READ MORE

November 5th, 2010

Questions from Katie

Katie from Ruffles & Truffles tagged me, like, a bazillion years ago, in a game of “blog tag!” I already filled out answers from a previous tagging, but LOVED her questions, so I decided to answer them. Eventually.

I have a lot on my unemployed plate, people.

Anyway before I start I thought I’d give …READ MORE

October 8th, 2010

Tag- I’m It!

The ridiculously adorable and newly married Lindsey at The Amateur Wife tagged me! There’s been a blog “game” of sorts going around, where people get tagged and answer the questions given to them, then make up new questions and tag other bloggers to answer them.

Phew, I hope you followed that. I can’t explain things. …READ MORE

August 31st, 2010


What is substance anyway? I don’t know, but apparently, my blog? It has it.

At least if you ask Brandi, the Twenty-something Florida Wife!

I adore Brandi!!! She totally came out as a blog lurker of mine, and I am BEYOND glad she did. She had an out-of-this world wedding, and she and …READ MORE