January 22nd, 2012

Instagram 365 Week 3

Welcome to week three…

1/15/12: With my friend Lydia shopping for TOMS shoes. I’m still not sure about my purchase.

1/16/12: Sweet Mister Harles sitting in a laundry wonderland!

1/17/12: Showing off my fully-stocked string kit!


January 2nd, 2012

Worst way to start 2012

Unfortunately, this year started out on a sour note.

Actually, that’s not true. We had a BLAST ringing in the new year, and I will share the deets with you soon. But yesterday we noticed something. Dixie (our little Bugg) had a weird mass/lump area on her stomach.

It felt kind of like normal …READ MORE

December 11th, 2011


Last night, while I was closing at my wonderful cupcake job, my coworker was blasting some great tunes on her iPod. Swim by one of my favorites, Jack’s Mannequin, came on. I had completely forgotten about this song.

You’ve gotta swim Swim for your life Swim for the music That …READ MORE

November 29th, 2011

WordPress Woes

So, my website has been acting up. In case you haven’t noticed.

Basically I know nothing about this stupid site’s inner workings. WordPress was hard enough to learn- it’s way better than Blogger in my opinion, but there are so many confusing things about it.

Last fall (more than a year ago) I upgraded to …READ MORE

November 28th, 2011

Holy Holiday, Batman

Well, I totally blew NaBloPoMo.

Partially I blame this on my weird server issues. Which I submitted to Go Daddy and had them respond that it was fine. Right. Thanks for the great service. Since I just now tonight am finally able to access my admin side. But yes, this server issue kept me from …READ MORE