July 12th, 2012

TWI – Womp Womp

Well here we are again…

Week: +.4

Total: -35

So, maybe a normal person wouldn’t be disappointed. I didn’t gain much, and I am still down 35. Which is not horrible.

But I worked my butt off the last week. I didn’t go over my calorie goals at all, and I worked out multiple …READ MORE

July 9th, 2012

Why We're Saying Goodbye to "Mainstream" Beer

I guess a lot of you guys who know me won’t be surprised that this post is something I’m fired up about. Just a look at my little label cloud on my sidebar shows how prevalent “anger” is. I get fired up easily. Dog rescue and fighting puppy mills, politics and people who vote without …READ MORE

July 5th, 2012

TWI – Brick Oven

The fourth came and went… and now it’s weigh-in day again!

Week: -2.4

Total: -35.4

I’m a little “eh” about this scale victory. Mostly due to my scale. Or should I say, scales. We have his-and-her scales and being curious as I am, I have been weighing myself on both. Especially after last week, …READ MORE

June 4th, 2012

Huge WordPress Frustrations

You guys, I am having mega WordPress issues right now (as I’m sure many of you are too.)

I guess WordPress made a change that if you have an email connected to a wordpress account, to use that email while commenting, you have to give that wordpress account as the account you leave the comment …READ MORE

February 17th, 2012

Pinterest Problems

Pinterest is awesome. It’s become a full blown obsession for me. (Add me!) It’s why I don’t get to read blogs anymore. I have become a pinning machine (with an inferiority complex, thanks Pinterest.) I will look at Pinterest “just for a few minutes” then find myself three websites deep from searching things I found …READ MORE