October 7th, 2013

Bump Update - 39 Weeks

Part of me can’t believe I made it this far, and the other part of me can’t believe how far I potentially have left to go. I wobbled between “she’s going to be EARLY” and “she’ll be late” so that probably means she’ll be born on her due date, right?


39 Weeks (10/7/2013)

How far along? 39 weeks
Baby’s Size: Watermelon
Maternity clothes? Usually! I do live in my non-preg yoga pants still though.
Best moment this week: Having a surprise shower thrown for baby girl!!! It was so much fun and I cannot believe how sweet it was of our Orlando friends to think it up. And on the same day- my Twinner welcomed her beautiful daughter into the world! My heart was SO FULL this week!
Miss anything? NOT BEING PREGNANT.
Movement: Yep, it’s even more regular than ever. She’s just always trying to kick her way out. I have tried to politely guide her to the exit but apparently she’s not into that.
Food cravings: The world. Everything. All the time.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, not really sick or nauseated at all.
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: Nope. Not a single contraction. Thanks, baby. The lack of contractions (Braxton Hicks or otherwise) makes me feel like I might be pregnant forever.
Symptoms: Still with the hip/pelvic pain and pressure. Although honestly? It’s been easier to deal with this week. I assume this is just me getting used to another new reality of daily pain. It’s amazing what you can learn to live with.
Belly button in or out? You can’t call it an innie anymore, really. More like a “flattie.”
Happy or moody most of the time: It’s been a week with a lot of joy, but I am feeling moody. The whole not knowing when baby will arrive thing – and having to think about plans for the hypothetical times she could come. So many floating variables. Oh, and if one more person tells me to enjoy being pregnant I will cut my own ear off. There is not much to enjoy about this. I’m ready to enjoy my daughter!
Looking forward to: All of this being over!

We are just so ready for her to be here. I’d say the waiting is the worst part right now, but then I’d be reminded how quickly I forgot my debilitating 30 weeks of nausea. Still, it’s pretty bad. Is today the day? Is that a contraction or do I just have to poop? ALL DAY LONG asking yourself those questions. It’s not fun.

My doctor’s appointment this week was actually pretty awesome, even though I had no progress since last appointment. My blood pressure first # (I forget the second one, EVERY TIME) has never been higher than 118 (usually around 110) and it was a 130. Why? Oh because B came with me to my appointment, haha. He was getting his Tdap vaccine – but he’s a night guy, so he’s not very fun in the early morning before coffee! The doctor also was great about answering my questions about the complications we discussed in the previous week. It made me feel a lot more confident and empowered for our birthing experience.

I was also on cloud nine last week over the birth of my Twinner’s daughter. I think that is making me even more ready and excited for our baby to arrive! Seeing her and her husband enjoying their gorgeous girl makes me and B very anxious to do the same!

That same evening, my friend Jess threw a baby shower for me and baby girl! She had invited me over for a girl’s night… when I arrive and realized it was a surprise shower, it all made sense why B asked if I was going to shower for my girl’s night, haha! We played some fun games (which I love since I’m super competitive!) and my favorite foods too. Huge thanks to Jess, Liz, and Kelly for planning such a fun evening! It seriously made my entire month. Little miss is so spoiled by our friends!

2013.10.7.shower1   2013.10.7.shower2

I also got a lot done over the weekend. More washing of clothes and organizing/cleaning. I also set up our foam floor tiles for our “baby corner” of the living room. I also fixed the Snugabunny bouncer that B put together. It looked weird to me- turns out the connectors were put on the wrong sides. I only spent an hour crying and eating Reese’s peanut butter chips out of the bag while taking it apart and putting it back together. I shouldn’t be allowed around baby things requiring assembly while pregnant. Unfortunately I’m pretty good at assembling things- just not good at handling the stress that accompanies it while pregnant. Wish us luck as we eventually tackle the very daunting looking glider/swing thing.

I’ve gotten a few smaller things done lately too… like creating a draft of friends/family email addresses so I can easily notify them about our daughter’s birth before we plaster her cute face on facebook. I also am working on writing up a birth plan. Or “birth preferences” as I am calling it. I feel like there’s a thin line before you come off as rude, and I want the hospital staff to know my wishes, but also that I trust them. I think it’s honestly more for B than anything else- so he can be acutely aware of what our goals are and help make sure things go the way we’d like, if medically possible. Honestly, I’m not worried- our hospital and the doctors in the practice I go to are amazing and they seem to be really in line with my wishes.

At this point, most of the things we need for baby we have (other than maybe clothes sized 9 months +, and the little things we’ll find out we need after she’s here based on her needs/preferences.) It feels weird to have so little left to do to prepare now. I’m actually going to ask you all for some suggestions (ha!) – what are some last minute, small to-do items you did, or wished you did before baby came? And if you say sleep, I will cut your face. Anyone who says sleep forgets completely how miserable it is to be pregnant and try to sleep (or was way luckier than me.) I can’t turn over without whimpering in pain, I get up to pee at least six times a night now, and often when I wake up to pee I can’t fall back asleep. But all other suggestions are welcome!

Hope everyone has a great week! And I wonder if this will be my last bump update? I could potentially have two more (and I think that small number makes Mr. Reluctant Photographer very happy, haha!) Crazy to think the shirt is almost all crossed out!

And… don’t forget to enter The American Craft Beer Cookbook giveaway while you’re at it!

12 comments to Bump Update – 39 Weeks

  • A fantastic mani, as always!!!!! Soooo excitedddddddd…. She needs to get here like NOW.

  • You’re almost there!! How sweet of your friends to throw you and baby a shower :-)

    I am such a planner that the unknowns of when the ALDS games would be that I couldn’t buy tickets lol. So knowing you could give birth at any time but know not exactly when, I totally get that anxiety. (I know not exactly the same but it’s the closest I can relate lol)

    Good luck getting all of your last minute prep stuff finished!

  • Last minute suggestions: get a pedicure, get a haircut, and freeze whatever meals you can (seriously, they’ll come in handy even after the newborn phase, I PROMISE). :) You’re getting so close!!!

  • GAH loved this. I can’t believe it is so soon! So happy for you and excited, you seem to be doing great and I can’t wait for you to be a MOMMERS haha. And I can’t wait to find out the name! And to be crazy aunt Rose! Love you and miss you and B sooooo much!

  • Ahhh you’re so close! I’m so excited…and I’m sorry you’re feeling sick of it all. I totally don’t blame you…I’m kind of starting to get sick of it and I still have like..forever left! Eeek – I can’t wait to see your sweet baby girl!

  • Kelly

    Get dinner in the freezer! I wish I lived closer, I’d stop by with some meals for your freezer.

  • amy

    ahhhh you’re almost there!! So exciting!! I hope the waiting game doesn’t drive you too crazy! I know I’ll be a wreck with no fingernails!
    Hopefully little lady will arrive sooner rather than later!

  • 39 weeks! I am getting SO excited for you Kelly! Although I can just imagine how much the unknown timeline is driving you bonkers. Is it too soon for you to talk to your dr. about a scheduled induction date, even just to give you piece of mind that you’ll eventually have an end date? (or just ignore me if that is too personal of a question or not something you’re considering!)

    I obviously have no experience, but I’ve heard it might be a very long time until you get to go out to a fancy dinner and a movie, so I’ll suggest a final date night as something to do before baby comes. If anything, it might take your mind off of things for an hour or two!

  • Nina

    My only suggestion—take a shower before you go to the hospital when you start contractions. It will help ease any pain you have as well as ensure that you’re not waiting 72 hours for a shower post-labor (like me). Everything else works itself out :) Love you! Can’t wait to see her beautiful face! (Hurry up, baby H!)

  • Is that a contraction or do I just have to poop? — love it! :o)
    No advise for you since kiddo was early and I had no time to ‘worry’ about what needed to be done or when she’d get here.
    I think about you and your baby every day and wonder, ‘is this the day?’

  • I so so so wished we lived closer together so I could visit you and little miss… when she FINALLY ARRIVES!!!

  • Eeee I am so excited for you. You look fantastic, btw. And I love your scarf!

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