September 30th, 2013

Bump Update - 38 Weeks

I can’t believe I’m past full term. Still pregnant. Two weeks to my due date. That’s insane. And tomorrow is officially DUE DATE MONTH!


 (Is that not the pasty face of misery? I just can’t pull it together to look cute or excited anymore!)

38 Weeks (9/30/2013)

How far along? 38 weeks
Baby’s Size: Pumpkin (but see below!)
Maternity clothes? Yup, and even packed away some of the ones I definitely won’t need to wear.
Best moment this week: A few- finding out B’s coworkers threw him a surprise diaper shower, getting all of baby girl’s clothes washed and put away, and a sweet gift we got in the mail for baby from B’s aunt! Oh, and getting a manicure and pedicure, DEFINITELY.
Miss anything? Beer, living without pain.
Movement: Yep, on her own little cramped schedule. She’s running out of room and it clearly makes her mad.
Food cravings: Everything and anything. I’ve had out of control hunger the last week or so. Nothing satisfies me.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing specific. Feeling generally pretty non-sick except randomly last night I had an upset stomach after I went to bed, go figure.
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: Nothing I can really pinpoint. I wish.
Symptoms: The pelvic pain/pressure is still ever present. I’ve developed some foot pain too, almost like restless leg syndrome but mostly in my feet. I’m in pain nearly every moment of the day and night- I cannot stress how much OVER this I am.
Belly button in or out? Barely hanging on as an innie. They should show my belly button to high schoolers to prevent teenage pregnancy.
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. I am an absolutely miserable person to be around. Don’t care.
Looking forward to: Baby being OUT. (Ok, ok… and a girl’s night Thursday at a friend’s, and our pals Aaron and Lyd visiting Florida in just over a week!)

As always, these updates are just basically the same thing over and over. Still miserable, still in pain, still pregnant.

I had a somewhat good doctor’s appointment this week. Luckily there has been some progress per my check (1 cm and 50% effaced, and her head is “RIGHT there.” No shit… I can barely walk thanks to the pressure of it.) However, I unfortunately got some less than good news too. Which I’m not going to go into because if I get one more piece of unsolicited advice I am going to stab myself in the eye. I’m so anxious to just go into labor and get this party started – and then have it be OVER and start the important part, raising our daughter. Period, the end.

The doctor also said to walk walk walk. I went grocery shopping alone Thursday and felt pretty good strolling all over Walmart. But then Thursday late night and most of Friday I could barely walk. It’s so frustrating that what is good for me to be doing causes so much pain and discomfort. If it’s moving her farther along though, great, I’ll deal with the pain.

We’ve had a really good and productive week otherwise. B took a “Boot Camp For New Dads” class, and I’d recommend it to ANY new dad-to-be. (It’s in most states.) He learned a ton and feels so much more confident. And also, he’s VERY ready for her to be here. B got a ton done this week- he set up our high chair, bouncer, changing table, and crib! And also installed our car seat bases. We had someone at Buy Buy Baby help us install it a few weeks ago but then I couldn’t figure out how to get it out (the stroller release and car release are different- FYI) so I cried and B just took the whole thing out.

I also used our fulfillment discount on Amazon to get the rest of the things we REALLY need. The only things left on my to-do list are to put the sheets on the crib (I think we have to move around the room a bit though, we’ll work on that when B’s off tomorrow), set up the baby monitor, and get a hamper and a new fan. A few other small things we might want/need but nothing really vital. It feels good to be almost ready. More than anything, we just have to finish clearing clutter and organizing. I wish my mom were here- she’s sort of a slave driver when it comes to cleaning and organizing and would be the perfect person to help!

I really liked my Pregnant Chicken 38 week update today…


Yep, baby is the size of a baby. COME OUT NOW PLEASE. I know I have a long torso but that doesn’t mean you need to make yourself comfortable.

Speaking of, my OB said that I “definitely dropped.” Not sure if I see it or not (on myself or anyone ever), but I thought I maybe did after my appointment so I took this picture. Thoughts?


The amount of pain/pressure I feel upon standing would suggest she just keeps moving lower. Thanks, baby. Also, I mentioned to the doctor that I was perplexed by my weight gain over the past two weeks. Guess why? Oh it’s SWELLING. And not in my legs or feet. I’ll leave it at that. Pregnancy is so glam.

To pamper myself, I went and blew my weekly budget on a manicure and pedicure on Saturday.


I got pink toes and fingers to kick off a month of pink nails in October while waiting for baby girl! The pedicure was the best thing ever. I wasn’t thrilled with how the manicure turned out. I guess that’s the risk of trying a new place? I don’t get my nails done often though so no harm done. The lady asked me how far along I was and about passed out when I said nine months. She said she thought I was only a few months along. Hashtag “long torso problems,” I guess.

We’ve also been so touched by all the sweet gifts people have sent. Some of you blog/twitter friends who I’ve become close with have sent things for baby and they are some of the nicest things that mean the most- I love how much I’ve connected with you guys throughout the years. B’s aunt P also sent us a really sweet package for baby girl today. She and I share a love of marshmallows so she sent some Halloween peeps, as well as items for baby! They included some books, two outfits with bunnies on them (her favorite!), a giraffe outfit set and book, some hats she crocheted, and baby’s first Vera items!

2013.9.30.vera   2013.9.30.hats

(That’s a Vera Bradley bear and blankie, and the two hats Aunt P made!)

I love having such meaningful things for baby girl. Every time we are blessed with anything handmade or personal it brings tears to my eyes!

In other random news… I’m loving Blue Bell Lemon Bliss ice cream. It’s going to be hard to go back to not eating ice cream daily.

Speaking of, I finally unearthed my bin of fat clothes. When I outgrew clothes during my nearly 50 lb weight loss, I kept them, knowing we wanted to have kids soon and that I would likely be back in some of them for a little while post-baby. The best part? My fat underwear. I am SO GLAD I saved them. Deliciously stretched out old underwear. I wish I had found that container months ago. The comfort is unparalleled.

OH! And- the diaper shower! Big Daddy is a cook so I figured there was no way he’d have a work “shower” like my office back in Indy used to throw for dads. There is no lunch break, or set days off for all employees. B’s coworker asked him to get a “pre-baby” drink at the bar after work on Saturday. I woke up with some pregsomnia (oh that’s real and AWESOME… not. Ugh.) around 4am and realized he wasn’t home yet so I called to check in (and whine, who am I kidding. If I’m awake at 4am he should be there to entertain me.) He told me his work friends had thrown him a “diaper party” but I heard it as “bachelor party” – cue confusion for a minute! His coworkers who came out to the bar each brought a package of diapers! It was so sweet- something you don’t expect guys to put together, haha! He had a blast hanging out with them too. I’m so glad he has such an awesome group of coworkers to rely on at his job every day, and that he enjoys spending time with them.

Last but not least- sending happy thoughts to my Twinner this week. She was due last Thursday and still no signs of baby. She’ll be getting induced later this week if she doesn’t show. While Twinner has had a rainbows and unicorns type pregnancy (and is currently not in any major state of discomfort… I KNOW) I can’t imagine being PAST DUE and how badly you want to meet your baby at that point. So send her your prayers and juju please?

And while you’re at it I’ll take your prayers and juju for more progress and a successful delivery soon, as well! I can’t wait for this little Libra to arrive!

11 comments to Bump Update – 38 Weeks

  • Twinner

    Thanks for the shout out, my love! I’m so ready for these girls to arrive! Wish I could take some of your discomfort away.

  • Nina Stilabower

    Such cute items for baby girl! Love to you all in these last few weeks!

  • Terri

    I have to agree with the Lemon Bliss Blue Bell ice cream…it is GREAT! I don’t have any excuse whatsoever to be eating it. LOL! I’m with you…COME ON BABY GIRL!!! I’m ready for the pics and of course for you to be over all of your pain and misery. That post just made me feel miserable. LOL! :) Hope you have her tomorrow…that’s my birthday!

  • I cannot wait to see a picture of you holding her, so exciting!

  • Debbie

    Those hats are adorable! Did people use your Amazon registry? I want to register there because of the variety and prices, but I’m kinda worried no one will use it! Just curious how it worked for other people!

    Hang in there! Hopefully she comes soon!

  • So sorry you’re so uncomfortable :( Hope you find some relief in the time before she gets here! (Or that she just decides to show up and alleviate all of it, haha.)

  • Emily

    I’m hoping that since you have had such an uncofrtable pregnancy that means that your labor will be perfectly easy!! I’m crossing my fingers for you!! heart!

  • I’m sorry you are in so much pain.

    I love it when guys do that stuff. My stepbrother’s friends threw a poker night for him. The buy-in was $20, BYOB and a package of diapers. It was thrown at his house so he could be close by if needed (of course, someone else would have had to drive had she gone in early labor).

  • I hope this baby comes soon!! ANd you’ve made it to October! :o)
    Hang in there! I have no idea how uncomfortable you are, I have yet to make to 38 weeks, but I can only imagine.
    Love see the little gifts your getting on Instagram. Erin told me the other night if we were having a girl he’d take my bank card away so I couldn’t shop at Vera Bradley. :o)

  • Sending lots and lots and LOTS of quick, speedy and SOON labor vibes your way, and to your Twinner too!

  • I love that pumpkin pic! Sending good thoughts and vibes your way!

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