September 23rd, 2013

Bump Update – 37 Weeks

Full term! Full term! …anddddd that’s about the only good thing about today.



That’s the face of a pure horrible day right there. I have a feeling they’ll be bad days more and more until she FINALLY arrives.

37 Weeks (9/23/2013)

How far along? 37 weeks
Baby’s Size: Winter Melon
Maternity clothes? Yup, still most of my outfits, and still growing OUT of a few. Which is still just a phenomenal feeling. Psh.
Best moment this week: Getting the nursery SO much more set up.
Miss anything? Same as always… being in a pain-free, non-disabled state.
Movement: Yep, more jerks and slides than kicks and flips.
Food cravings: They come and go as I hear of or see certain foods. Maybe comfort foods like risotto. More than anything- just a meal that’s prepared for me.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still the daily heartburn on and off all day.
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: A few possible Braxton Hicks contractions. Nothing at all remarkable though.
Symptoms: Tired, grumpy, grouchy, and intense hip/pelvic pain. I whimper when I have to cross my leg or flip over in bed.
Belly button in or out? Still somewhat of an innie while standing. Totally flat when I’m sitting/laying.
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. I had a horrible day and I’m just stressed out over everything this week. I feel up and down all the time and have no control of it. I’m over it.
Looking forward to: Having baby arrive. And that’s pretty much it.

I feel like a broken record… if I survive another 3 weeks (or 4… and a half… omg just kill me now) I might as well copy and paste this post each week.

At my doctor’s appointment on Friday, I had one of my two favorite OB’s again. He really listened about the pelvic pain, and seemed concerned, but of course… it’s just normal. Just biological luck of the draw. I know that pregnancy could be worse than what I’ve dealt with- there are so many issues that could result in even more discomfort/sickness, or even bed rest, etc. But let’s just say I’m not exactly thrilled about 30 weeks of nausea followed by bone breaking pain, with hip pain throughout.

Anyway, the doctor offered to do a check but I declined. I felt that was the best decision for me, since I knew it wouldn’t mean much anyway and I didn’t feel like getting myself worked up or obsessing over the results (or lack there of.) Being dilated doesn’t mean you’ll have the baby SOON, and being not dilated doesn’t mean you won’t. I also got officially put on travel restriction- no more driving (for work or otherwise) outside of Orlando. Which is great because some days just getting out of a chair or walking to the bathroom are a ridiculous feat.

I won’t go into all the details of my bad week, but I think part of it is my inability to handle anything bad right now with even an ounce of dignity or grace. The one good thing about today?


Thank you, Pregnant Chicken, for always saying what I need to hear. Today’s email was titled “Week 37: Can I get a woot woot for full term?” Amen sister. That’s the ONE BIT of silver lining to everything right now.

Full term, while three weeks prior to a woman’s due date, is the point where baby would no longer be considered premature. Baby girl should be more than six pounds now (no doubts there) and her lungs should be developed enough to not have issues breathing. They’re not going to do anything to stop labor now. So pretty much, it’s go time any day. When B was taking my pictures today, I mentioned something about next week’s photos, and he said “…IF there are next week photos.” Whoa… trueness.

Something that’s amped up in the last week that I don’t think will ever go away- the unsolicited advice. The assumptions and suggestions. I just cannot handle them. I hope they get easier to handle when I’m not in physical pain 24/7. I’m trying to be nice but… if I don’t ask, WHAT MAKES PEOPLE WANT TO PUT IN THEIR TWO CENTS? When there is NO QUESTION STATED, NO REQUEST FOR ADVICE… I just… can’t. I try to not do that with pregnancy advice but for sure, this is a great reminder for me to zip it if I were to ever try.

Here’s hoping for a better week. My aunt is in town and I get to see her on Wednesday and I’m really looking forward to it. B’s friend is coming to help him assemble the crib and changing table on Thursday. (Remember we have our room set up with that stuff already, we just have the “real” versions to be set up in her room.) Also, B has tomorrow off so we will get to spend some time together. He has “daddy bootcamp” on Wednesday so let’s hope she doesn’t arrive before then! I talk a big game about being ready but I’d like her to at least wait until October! Don’t forget to get your guesses in!


11 comments to Bump Update – 37 Weeks

  • Terri

    Full Term…woot woot!!! That is all…

  • Ugh I’m sorry you had a rough week! You look fabulous, though! And I can feel you on the unsolicited advice – thankfully I haven’t had to deal with it yet but I know it’s coming and i know I will NOT handle it well. YAY for full term!!!

  • :( I’m sorry you’re hurting so much. COME ON, BABY!

  • So sorry you’ve had such a crummy week! Hope this one’s better! And YAY for full term!

  • YAy for full term!! Sorry again your in so much pain. I apparently have become very ‘violent’ towards Erin lately. It’s more talk, but I was throwing Mackenzie’s balls at him last night. I told him it’s all the extra testosterone in me because we are having a boy. He accepted it after laughing at me. :o)
    hope things start to get better, or you just have better weeks. My 2-cents…. Maybe all this uncomfortable will make for an easy delivery. :o)

  • WHOOT WHOOT to being full term!

    And I fully support you buying some kind of “stop talking to the pregnant lady” shirt off of Cafe Press to wear out in public ;)

  • I wish there was a Like button because I like Morgan’s comment! lol

  • The advice is the worst! Part of the reason why I am so glad that I stopped working Friday was that I was so sick of hearing what people thought about my belly, my feet, my aches & pains. It’s the worst. Hope your week gets better!

  • YAY For being full term!! My friend at work who got pregnant right about the same time you did had her baby yesterday, so maybe you will be early?? I hate you are having such a hard time right now, but not much longer! Kisses!!

  • Kelly J

    Sorry you’re having such a crappy week and the last month being full of aches, pains, and unsolicited advice. It does happen of course with child-rearing as well (which REALLY makes your blood boil sometimes), but you do get used to it. I smile and nod even though when someone rants on about why I should do x, y, and z with MY child, I really want to punch someone. HAHA

  • I hope that your week is getting better! Just revel in the glory that you are full term and tell the haters to suck it.

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