September 16th, 2013

Bump Update – 36 Weeks

36 weeks down. That’s 252 days. Or, more than 6,000 hours. And still more to go. Oy. I cannot imagine another four weeks of this. OR MORE.


36 Weeks (9/16/2013)

How far along? 36 weeks
Baby’s Size: Honeydew
Maternity clothes? Yup, most of what I wear. Still wearing some non-maternity tanks and my non-maternity yoga pants.
Best moment this week: Finishing baby girl’s Halloween costume!
Miss anything? Not being in pain 24/7. Simple as that.
Movement: Yes, and different than earlier for sure. More uncomfortable rolls and slides than kicks.
Food cravings: Anything someone would make for me where I don’t have to lift a finger.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing but the daily heartburn on and off all day.
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: Nope, not even Braxton Hicks contractions. I would think that my pelvic pain is a labor sign but APPARENTLY NOT. I’ll get to that.
Symptoms: My pelvis being about one second away from snapping in half at all time. Every step causing intense pain in my hips/pelvis. Not being able to cross my legs while at my desk without lifting my leg WITH MY HAND and making whimpering noise due to the pain. And trying to turn over at night (or worse yet- get out of bed to pee, like I have to do a million times) brings tears to my eyes. Per two OB’s and a chiro- it’s all “normal.” Why some people get lucky with no symptoms like this is beyond me. This is like the bursitis I had two years ago – very similar- but in some ways, it’s worse. Maybe because I got VICODIN back then.
Belly button in or out? Innie but barely
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. I’m over it and just DONE now. (These bump updates should be a joy to read for the remainder of my pregnancy, right?! Sorry in advance.)
Looking forward to: Any spare moment B has off so that he can do the stuff I can’t. It always makes me feel so much better.

Stick a fork in me- I’m done. Two weeks now of misery that’s not going away. Pregnancy has always been about the end result for me – I’m not one of those people who is all gaga over the attention of being pregnant or trying to “enjoy” the pregnancy. It’s about growing our child. A means to an end result. And now that my constant reality is pain… it’s just about time to call this one. As you’ve read in earlier posts, I’ve been wanting to go past my due date for maternity leave and visitor reasons… no longer. I figure once we hit October it’s game over and she’s welcome AT ANY TIME.

On Wednesday, my chiropractor adjusted me and predicted I would go early. She said that baby is head down (she is- and has been a while) and that she’s dropped (I can’t tell that, because she still feels up high in my ribs, but my pelvis feels like red hot misery, so who knows.)

My OB at Friday’s appointment echoed the last OB at last week’s appointment, that it was “normal.” She also checked me and guess who is NOT dilated? Me. I was sure with all the pressure and pain I’d show some signs of the baby engaging.

First priority, I want baby girl healthy and safe. But as a very close second… I just want to be done with this bone-crushing pain.

I’m currently unable to be on my feet for very long without feeling like the baby is going to fall out. (Which apparently she won’t since NO PROGRESS but it doesn’t make it feel any less uncomfortable.) B had to grocery shop for me this week because I just couldn’t do it. I managed to work up the energy to get in the car and make the trip to Buy Buy Baby yesterday, and when they seemingly didn’t have something that their website said they had, I literally started to cry. Not even because they didn’t have it, but because I endured all the pain of traveling there for nothing and would need to do another trip. LUCKILY, they ended up having it elsewhere in the store, and I was able to make baby girl’s Halloween costume… a bottle of Sriracha!

sriracha2  sriracha

(Before- and after!)

I have a few touch-up’s to do, but it should be pretty cute! And for about $10! I can’t do much around the house anymore so crafting it is.

Oh and I took this picture before heading to Buy Buy Baby. It kind of amuses me how not pregnant I look from the front. And how MASSIVE I am from the side. And how very little I care about personal hygiene. I need to hire a happy little short person to shave my legs for me since that hasn’t happened since August.


Also Florida, if you could stop hitting 90 degrees every day that would be great.

And since I’m already complaining… I’ve reached that point where everything everyone says pisses me off. If one more person says I will miss being pregnant I will have a stroke. I will miss one thing moderately- and that’s the kicks. But I’ll have her on the outside which is a million times better. I also am insanely sick of being told medical things. “You know they won’t stop labor after 36 weeks.” NO KIDDING. I haven’t been in the care of an OB who discusses things like this with me when I see her now, oh, WEEKLY. Or the ever popular “You should do XYZ for your pain.” I’ve pretty much done it all. And I should add, I have not asked anyone about how to handle my pain except my OB(s) and chiropractor. Not asking for anyone else’s opinion. Simply because, it’s come to my attention that no two pregnancies are alike. Even just comparing myself to Twinner would be crazy- our pregnancies are two weeks apart and we could not feel more different. I’ve essentially given up and am in the hands of my doctors and the pregnancy Gods now.

So will baby come early or not? I had been so sure she would be late based on my hopes and, well, who knows what else. When my chiropractor said I’d go early, it was the first time I had considered it (and it sent me into a bit of a tailspin!) I’ve heard all the stories by now… women who were dilated 3cm for weeks… women who were not dilated and then had their baby less than 24 hours later… anything could happen. So there’s still time for you guys to guess when she will arrive! I can’t wait for her to come… just, when she’s ready!

14 comments to Bump Update – 36 Weeks

  • Terri

    I want to comment, yet i’m a bit scared to. I hope the pregnancy is over soon! I know the feeling…i’ve had microwave pregnancies (the girls) and conventional oven pregnancies (the boys). I was not “cute” pregnant, BUT hey, at least you got that going for you. LOL Once it’s over, you will think it was all worth it. Not sure if you’ll want to do it again, but you will definitely enjoy your bundle of joy! My 2nd pregnancy had me crippled. I was off of work for the last month. I’m such a wimp! Hang in there, Kelly!!!

  • Rebekah

    Ugh, the pelvic pain. It just started for me and I’m walking like an old lady. I expect the waddle but not the old lady walk! I have to lift my legs to get out of the car and forget about being able to put pants on while standing. The pain is too much! I’m hoping it improves because 8 more weeks of this doesn’t sound good to me. I’m hoping for your sake that the pain improves but there is an end in sight! You’re so close! Her Halloween costume is so cute! You did a great job!

  • So excited that you’re getting so close!!! You look fantastic and I’m sorry you’re in so much pain…based on how much pain I feel already at 20 weeks, I imagine I’ll be in a similar boat. Also, I’m SO worried about the whole leg shaving thing. It’s already getting difficult, so I’m impressed you made it all the way to August (what, like 30ish weeks?) before giving up…don’t know if I’ll make it 10 more weeks!

  • Morgan

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. :( Sending lots of October 1st labor thoughts your way, since you said you’d be ok with baby coming anytime as soon as it’s October!

  • I hate that you are in so much pain. You look amazing though! I agree with you, I thought I’d be so glad to have her come late, but now I’m very very ready for her to come. We’ll make it though. Hang in there!

  • Oh, honey. All I can say is hang in there the best you can. Once October hits, I’ll be sending labor vibes your way!

  • Thinking of you, friend. I know how freaking hard those last weeks can be. Kenny came home from his deployment at week 36 and I cut myself like three times shaving my legs (and totally remember having to use my hands to pull up my leg…and the pain, oh the pain). I was so desperate to go away somewhere with my husband after his deployment and before the baby that we went to Milan—it was the worst decision ever, because all we did was walk. I thought every part of me was going to fall off. Not sure why I shared that story, but you just brought back all the memories of the hurt and how much I wanted her out. And good call on having your husband do all the things. Let him do them! Hang in there!!!

  • Oh, girlfriend, I feel like I wrote this. The pelvic pain! Oh, the pain! I usually feel like I’m playing that game where you run with the balloon between your legs, except it’s not a balloon, it’s a small child. And that is the cutest little costume!

  • amy

    Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear it’s getting worse. I cannot imagine! I would easily lose it.
    It seems to me all of the people I know (IRL) and the bloggers having little girlies HATE being pregnant. My friend just had a little girl 3 weeks ago and near the end of her pregnancy she told me that she just hated it so much and that it was the hardest thing she’s ever done. She was having a really hard time imagining doing it again.
    The people that had boys? Loved pregnancy and thought it was the most glorious beautiful experience ever.
    That’s just my outside observation about boys vs. girls!
    I hope little lady is one of those people that loves getting to places early so she never has to be late! The end is in sight!

  • All I’m gonna say is I love you. No words of advice, no “hang in there” or “you’ll miss it!” …. just… I know what you’re going through and it sucks. She’ll be worth it. :)

    Oh, and that Halloween costume is the SHIT.

  • Anna Dunkum

    I wasn’t dilated at all at 2:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday, my water broke at 4pm and baby was here the next day at 11:30am!! It can happen really fast, just hang in there! I was in the same “pregnancy is an ends to a means” boat. It’s wonderful once its over and you can enjoy a cold beer or a glassof wine while you look at that sweet face. I haven’t missed pregnancy for one single second, but the first few days after are bizarre because your body changes so drastically. Your almost there!!

  • Anna Dunkum

    I meant means to an end. Jeez. Mommy brain, its worse than pregnancy brain.

  • I had horrible hip and pelvic pain too. I was so happy once I delivered bc it would then be done with. It does hurt a little still if I lay on my hips but its so much better! It’s so great to have him out here but there are some things that haven’t quite gone away yet. Hopefully soon. It definitely feels different not being pregnant anymore after getting used to everything. Before you know it she’ll be here!

  • So sorry to hear that you are in pain. I can’t imagine. I personally am not a fan of being pregnant. LIke you I’m growing a baby and that’s that. I literally complain about everything that hurts from day one. And at my OB appointments …. ‘it’s all normal.’ Hate that EVERYTHING is normal!
    Hang in there. 2 more weeks until October….maybe she will come October 1st just to make her mama happy! :o)

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