August 26th, 2013

Bump Update – 33 Weeks

The weeks keep moving faster and faster! I don’t feel like I look any different week to week now, but I sure FEEL different. Baby is always pushing up really high to the point where sitting is almost never comfortable (but neither is standing… or sleeping…) Things are getting real!


33 Weeks (8/26/2013)

How far along? 33 weeks
Baby’s Size: Durian Fruit (those ugly, spike-y, apparently stinky things)
Maternity clothes? I’ve reached the point where I’ve grown OUT of a few maternity items. Talk about a bummer.
Best moment this week: Taking the hospital tour Sunday- it made it feel real and got us excited. I couldn’t have picked a better hospital, either. The tour got us comfortable with the process and facilities for when I go into labor.
Miss anything? My body. I really am wondering if I’ll ever get to the point where I feel normal again. (Not so much looks, more like the random aches and pains.) Oh, and BEER. We went to a get together with B’s coworkers on Friday and all the beer (and beer talk!) made me excited for my first drink post-baby! I have to pick out a great brew for that first sip!
Movement: She’s currently out of control. I *think* (based on her being head down) that her feet are just tap dancing up up up as high as possible. It doesn’t feel like she’s kicking my ribs, but it makes sitting in most positions supremely uncomfortable. I still love all the movements though! I think it’s going to be the only thing I truly miss about pregnancy (besides not having to suck in my belly!)
Food cravings: I went sweets-crazy at the grocery store this week which has quelled that craving a bit. On Tuesday at a food truck event I got some buffalo-style chicken and waffles and it was AMAZING- I had to make it for myself this weekend too. Not as good as the food truck version but still delicious!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular, but doing ok with my nausea this week, luckily.
Gender: Baby GIRL!
Labor signs: Nope. Still no Braxton Hicks. I assume I’d know them if I had them. Fine by me if they stay away!
Symptoms: Overly tired and overly emotional. I was worn out after a busy week and lost the ability to do ANYTHING on Saturday and part of Sunday. I was a WASTE. And there was a point in there this weekend that I was crying and couldn’t stop, but couldn’t tell you why. That’s always fun… it makes you feel legitimately crazy, which is clearly what anyone about to become a parent wants to feel.
Belly button in or out? Innie but popping out more depending on my position.
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. I’m insane. I don’t even like me sometimes.
Looking forward to: As always… getting more stuff done. So much to do, and it feels like not enough time! I really want to be on time or late for various reasons, but I just sort of feel now like she might come early. (Panic.) As much as it stresses me out, I’m looking forward to finding out when she decides to come, what her birthday will be, how big she is, etc. It’s crazy that it’s all a mystery now but will be things that define her!

The hospital tour was such an amazing thing for B and I to do together. I was so impressed with our hospital! We’ve heard great things from friends (especially regarding the hospital food, haha) and the tour confirmed our decision. They have great security- including different color photo badge stickers for guests every day, which I thought was cool. We had some lavender ones for our tour.



The delivery rooms look like hotel rooms. The beds are essentially transformers. The machines the doctors need are hidden behind wall artwork that slides up. The lights are dim-able. And the monitors they use enable you to walk while you labor or even labor in the in-room tubs. The recovery rooms are just as nice- with a desk, TV with free movies, and a murphy bed for B. Hotel quality. I love it!

We saw a few moms and babies leaving as we went for the tour, and one whole family just went on and on to us about how amazing their experience was. By the time our tour was over we were both saying how we couldn’t wait until the next time we’re there- hopefully to deliver our baby girl!

I did have a slightly better experience with my doctor last week too. Remember how that one doctor was a jerk about my weight? Well lucky me, I saw the same doctor again. I forgot they had changed the doctor when they changed the time a few weeks back. And his comment about my weight? That I was doing a great job. WHAT? I guess I caught him on a better day? Bonkers. He was actually a lot nicer so all is forgiven, anyway.

No real big pre-baby things to look forward to anymore… no more showers, no more tours, maybe a class or two, but no more fun ultrasounds either. Now it’s just keep cooking and waiting time. Time is moving so fast and so slow at the same time. I just can’t wait to see when she gets here! (Don’t forget to vote, too!)

8 comments to Bump Update – 33 Weeks

  • You look so fantastic! Love reading your updates and seeing what I have to look forward to. :) I am so happy your hospital tour went well – I’m sure it’s so nice to know you’ll be happy there!!

  • Anna

    Oh I remember those last few weeks (for me anyway!). I was seriously a wreck. Crying at everything, losing my temper, eating everything in sight (and then crying about it). It gets better!! Sort of… At least after the postpartum part. And you will get your body back, my miserable heartburn and mysterious rib pain all went away immediately after Jackson was born. You get to look forward to a sweet, adorable cuddly baby who you think is the best thing in the world even though they wake you up a million times a night and constantly have the hiccups… Hopefully baby girl doesn’t have the hiccups.

  • Hang in there! I’m still working on getting my body back. Even though I’m smaller than I was pre-preg…I feel different. I’m squishy in different parts. But then again, I do have a squishy baby to love on, so I guess it’s ok :) Getting so close!

  • I wonder myself about if I’ll go back to normal, but mostly because my feet and ankles are gross! My baby has been up in that position, too, but recently dropped down so it’s a little more comfortable up by my ribs, but less down by my legs.I’ve just started having BH this week, and it makes me so nervous!

  • SERIOUSLY WHY YOU ARE SO FREAKING ADORABLE. 7 weeks, how did we get here?!?!?! Yes, I said WE, I still remember when you were just preggo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH. Hang in there, you will be back to you in no time, you look freaking great. And I swear heartburn will be over in about 7 weeks!

  • How are you still so tiny?! And adorable of course.
    I’m glad the tour went well! Sounds amazing :D

  • You poor thing! I hate that you are uncomfortable. You look fabulous! You are like the cutest pregger lady ever. I can’t believe it is so close! Can I be there for the birth? I mean, her name is Nikki :) That is so exciting about touring the hospital!

    PS: I sure do like that necklace you are wearing :)

  • Well as long as she’s not earlier than 37 weeks your good. :)
    I can’t wait to actually visit our labor and delivery. My doctors office is at the hospital, so I know where it is. I also saw the areas and a room when I had my miscarriage and procedures after. The rooms seemed nice and big. Glad you like your hospital. Passes are a great thing!! When Mackenzie was in the NICU we had passwords to get in/call in. Also visitors had to be with a parent because we had special wrist bands.

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