August 5th, 2013

Bump Update - 30 Weeks

Woohoo, 3/4 of the way there (ish!) And I cannot believe we’re already in August!

30 Weeks (8/5/2013)

How far along? 30 weeks
Baby’s Size: Cucumber (awkward… I’ll assume that’s length and that’s she’s a bit more filled out than a cucumber.)
Maternity clothes? Only my favorite thing ever! I was really uncomfortable before bed due to restrictive undies and PJ shorts this weekend and B gave me a pair of his mesh athletic shorts to wear… I pulled those babies up like Urkel and ROCKED them. Heaven. So it’s either maternity or I’m making due!
Best moment this week: Getting all of the baby furniture IN THE HOUSE, so much organization, and also getting a lot of other items purchased.
Miss anything? Beer. I could have used a beer this week. And also being able to do housework without taking a ton of breaks. Vacuuming takes it all out of me!
Movement: She likes to bunch up in one area sometimes- it’s crazy how I can tell where she is. I usually poke at her to get to her go hang out in a more comfortable area! I can feel more around my belly button since it’s so thin- it’s almost like touching her when she’s RIGHT there. Very weird and amazing! She also ninja-kicked B the other night which was hilarious!
Food cravings: I haven’t eaten cereal with milk since January of 2011. Legitimately. And this week- over just 3 days- I ate an entire box of cereal. (A healthy choice of Reese’s Puffs, if you must know.) I am still not a fan of milk – I went and bought almond milk yesterday which is WAY better – but I can’t get enough cereal right now. Someone mentioned it on twitter last week and I just HAD to have it. I love that it’s so easy- I have no energy to cook.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Ugh, maybe the fact that Cigna forces home delivery on medications – including my nausea meds? Such a pain in the behind. God knows when they’ll get it refilled so I might have a VERY rough Wednesday and on this week. (Yes, 30 weeks, still experiencing debilitating “I’m so hungover” nausea. Lucky me.)
Gender: Pretty little girl!
Labor signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Same symptoms, different day! Sleeping issues are hard- I’m missing sleep right now, I can handle the rest. You’d think pregnant women would get AMAZING sleep because of how much that is going to change post-pregnancy.
Belly button in or out? Innie, but looking ridiculous. Because my belly is growing/stretching, my belly button piercing scar looks horrible and the skin above my (deep set) belly button makes a little frown. There is no making this belly cute.
Happy or moody most of the time: It’s been a stressful week, especially today- our AC was out for the morning. Luckily it’s been resolved and I am looking forward to finishing the day on a happy note.
Looking forward to: Assembling more furniture and getting stuff set up! I get so excited with each area I clean/organize. And definitely still excited to see her at our 4D ultrasound next week.

Every week I feel like “oh this is my breaking point where it gets uncomfortable and not fun to be pregnant.” Then I sort of get used to it and forget about it and then a few days later it gets worse. Pregnancy is the craziest because it’s such a time of transition – I feel like I’m in a holding pattern, and everything I get used to changes so quickly that there is no more “normal.” This week bending over got really uncomfortable. Picking up something from the floor is torture. I usually just use my monkey toes to pick it up instead. Yes, even in public.

On Friday I had one of those nights where I felt like my belly was completely stretched thin. You know how you feel after a huge meal at say, a wedding, and you’re sucking in? And then you realize you can stop sucking in when no one’s looking, and how great it feels to “let out” your gut? My belly felt like that sucking-in discomfort but I couldn’t get any “letting it out” relief at all. Miserable. I can’t imagine how lovely that will be in two months.

I’ve also noticed myself being very emotional about things. Today I stood in the returns line at Home Depot for twenty minutes while no employees acknowledged us. Then I couldn’t find what I went in for. Holding back tears. Same with when our AC stopped working this morning. Same with my frustration in trying to put this together on Saturday:

Anything that is frustrating me makes me close to tears (or, um, actual tears) way more quickly than I’m used to. It’s still the same frustration I’m used to, but paired with waterworks. How lovely. At least with the above project, you twitter/instagram friends helped immediately and I didn’t have to fall into the abyss of youtube. Thanks, everyone! Now baby will have a place to sleep – she’ll be in our room for a while.

Oh and the rest of the projects we have to work on includes some painting, and I’m hoping you guys can help! We’re painting a (mostly wood- it looks like the top is laminate?) dresser for the baby’s room. Remember it as our old TV stand? I know some of you guys have experience with chalk paint – not chalkboard paint, but chalk paint, which is a type of paint – and I was hoping if any of you had great tutorials, and/or brands of paint/supplies you loved, I’d really appreciate your recommendations!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

7 comments to Bump Update – 30 Weeks

  • You’re looking so cute! And I definitely know what you mean about things changing so quickly in pregnancy. I was just thinking about that this morning!

  • You look so good! I am right there with you on the emotional-waterworks. I went to Kroger to pick up more test strips and the pharmacy told me my insurance wouldn’t pay for it until tomorrow. I almost broke down right there at the thought of another trip to the store. Hang in there, we’ve almost got this thing licked!

  • The gym shorts, the baby furniture, the need for a beer.. there are so many good things in this post! My belly button piercing scar is looking weird now, too. My mother told me it wouldn’t look good when i was older.. Also, props to you for having that pack & play set up! I don’t know when to set ours up because I don’t know how long I can look at it empty!!

  • I ate too much last night an had the stretching feeling. I also thought about how much sleep I’m not going to get once baby is here. I almost cried. :) I cry over everything, Erin laughs at me during TV shows and commercials. I cried on the way home from the grocery store because of the other people there. Your not alone. :)
    Hopefully the next few weeks go by fast. Wish I could give you insight, but Mackenzie was born at 34.5 weeks. So I’m clueless. But it all worth it and you’ll end up doing it again one day. :)

  • Yeah, I never really thought about everything changing so fast that it’s just normal, even though that’s exactly what I feel!

    I also miss doing housework without getting tired. Even when doing dishes I need to put them away, take a break, then wash them, then take a break before I get onto something else. Even painting our cabinet has been a pain. My hand falls asleep each time start so it takes forever to do one coat! Luckily I’m doing it in chunks!

    I hate the emotional part. I hate crying over everything, or being close to tears over everything!

  • Erika

    My mom’s newest obsession is Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. She did my sister’s old dresser and mirror, 2 twin sized beds, a nightstand, a bookshelf, and a few picture frames… all with one quart of paint. We did some wedding crafting with it last week, and it’s kind of amazing. My mom uses a regular paintbrush for the chalk paint, but swears by the special Annie Sloan brush for the wax.

  • Home delivery for nausea medicine?! That stinks. :( You’re getting so close! I’m 99% sure that I’ll be living in sweats, basketball shorts, and maternity clothes beginning the minute I start showing. As it is, I IMMEDIATELY change into pajamas as soon as I get home from work!

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