July 16th, 2013

Bump Update – 27 Weeks

Well… I made it to gender reveal in this week (with only one major slip-up, haha!) And as you saw, baby is TEAM PINK!

(Thus, my pink for this picture. Sorry for the horrrrrrible photo quality. B and the sun have been on opposite schedules!)

27 Weeks (7/15/2013)

How far along? 27 weeks
Baby’s Size: Rutabaga
Maternity clothes? The best. Glad I had the options I did while on this week’s trip to Indy and Chicago.
Best moment this week: So many! Being OUT!!!! GIRL GIRL GIRL! Telling the world officially baby is a GIRL! Seeing our friends and family in the midwest. Spending time with B for a few days in a row. Getting back my maternity pictures! (To be posted here hopefully tomorrow.) And knowing that I don’t have to get on a plane again until 2014. Best moments, for sure!
Miss anything? I was jealous of the beer drinking at the my brother in law’s wedding! But overall, not missing much.
Movement: More and more. She is not shy and doesn’t mind roundhouse kicking me when necessary, that’s for sure. This past week she kicked a remote control off my belly, which I found hilarious. Even when they are uncomfortable I just love these kicks so much. I also love seeing my belly move from the outside. It is FREAKY but so cool.
Food cravings: Sweets, mostly. Should be an interesting glucose screening this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Same as last week, just travel throwing me off a little bit.
Gender: GIRL!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!
Labor signs: Nope.
Symptoms: A few days on the trip I ended the day with insane hip pain from all the activity, but would wake up feeling pretty good. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Belly button in or out? Innie and it freaks me out. It’s… different.
Happy or moody most of the time: I had a pretty moody weekend, I’ll be the first to admit it. I had my great moments- Friday’s shower I was on cloud nine especially! But all the traveling and SNAFU’s made me a bit… irritable. (I asked B to help me pick that word and his first choice was “insane,” so that might give you some insight.)
Looking forward to: Yikes, no more travel, and baby GIRL has been outed… what is there to look forward to? Putting together the nursery!!!

What an insane week it was, folks. I made it all the way to Friday- the day of the big “Boy or Girl” reveal- only to have preggo brain strike me HARD. My reveal post- supposed to be scheduled for 8pm when I would have already done the reveal at our shower- went up at 8am. As in, THE MORNING. Because I totally forgot that wordpress uses military time. I would surely regret the moment I hit schedule all day on Friday! A friend messaged me congrats just after 9am and cue meltdown at the airport. Huge thanks to Jess for helping me manage the online stuff that I couldn’t on my phone. I was fine with my “internet” friends seeing it- I was just worried about anyone who would be attending the shower seeing it, or someone posting on my facebook for all to see.

Unfortunately, readers like bloglovin or the feed in blogger still showed the post after it was deleted. I kept getting “did you know your post went up?” messages sent to me which only made me panic more and more (sorry if I came off as bitchy in my replies to any of you! I was at the airport, and travel anxiety on top of this made for a not so pleasant KJ!) Sadly one of my favorite Indy friends saw it before the shower. But I think she was the only one (at least she was the only one who admitted it when I asked!)

After all the drama and stress it ended up being an amazing, amazing party. I’ll do a recap post with all the details! My Indy BFF Lyd outdid herself and I will be forever in her debt!!!! But I just had to fill you all in on my big last-minute slip up that probably took at least a year off my life, haha. It was a wonderful weekend but definitely tiring. I’m glad that the rest of our family/friend time for the year will be here in Florida.

Hope everyone had an amazing week!

7 comments to Bump Update – 27 Weeks

  • I’m SO excited for a baby girl! I want to chant it with you, GIRL GIRL GIRL!! :) Pregnancy brain is very real and I’m sorry that it gave you a headache this weekend. It stinks but I’m sure that everything was fine just not fine in the airport when you’re already trying to do a bunch of other things. Oh, and the choice word, insane? I’m sure my husband would throw that around pretty easily, too! :)

  • Glad you had an awesome time! Still so excited for your little girl! :) I love those kicks too! So random and totally catch you off guard, but a little reminder that they’re still there!

    So happy you don’t have to travel much more and so glad you like the pics!! :D

  • Yay for having a girl! Congrats! Glad you had fun seeing family and get to rest from traveling for awhile. I’m so happy that I’m in the same start as my family this pregnancy and I won’t be traveling at all!! We took 3 road trips (oh to in) and stayed in a hotel each time in Indy before Mackenzie was 1.5 months old!!

  • Looking beautiful! Can’t wait to hear all about how your showers went and congrats again on baby GIRL!

  • Kim

    You look fantastic! Just wish the pugs could have been there as well.
    Enjoy the girl baby, congrats
    Kim and pugsx4

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