July 10th, 2013

Bump Update - 26 Weeks

Holy moly, recovery needed… what a trip to NJ it was. I’m still exhausted. I celebrated 26 weeks while in New Jersey and it was quite the trip back so this took FOREVER to post. OY!

26 Weeks (7/8/2013)

How far along? 26 weeks
Baby’s Size: Lettuce
Maternity clothes? Yep, and they served me well while on my trip! Especially the capri pants I have that it’s been too hot to wear in Florida. Going back to real clothes is going to be hard…
Best moment this week: Sharing baby’s gender with my mom at the airport, and then with family/friends at my shower on Sunday. Just seeing everyone in itself was the “best moment.” It was fantastic! Besides seeing friends and family who I know and love, I was THRILLED also getting to meet Jess on Friday! It’s rare that I’m in the same area as bloggers I’m close with, and I’m so glad we took advantage of it!!! Even if I stalked her down in the bathroom, haha.
Miss anything? It was so hot in New Jersey, especially on shower Sunday, and that cooler of beer was calling my name. Nothing like a beer on a hot day!!!! I think I’ve decided on a pumpkin ale post baby, just have to pick which one.
Movement: It really jumped this week- no pun intended. Currently I am being pummeled. I get kicked a few times a week in a place where I have never been kicked before, CERTAINLY not from the inside. I also had a few late nights and found out that baby is a SERIOUS night owl. Holy cow! We’re screwed! I also have seen kicks from the outside, since they sometimes make my belly jump. It’s crazy! I had a remote control resting on my belly last night and baby kicking kept moving it. It cracks me up!
Food cravings: Chocolate chip muffins. And there was something else earlier that I now cannot remember and it’s going to bother me. They come and go like that.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I have felt up and down from the travel but nothing out of the ordinary.
Gender: Still know, still not telling!
Labor signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Hip/back/sciatic nerve pain is a lot worse due to all the walking around I did, and the trip messed with my nausea a bit. But overall I felt great over the last week, even if I had to pop Tums most days! (The ones that are part breath mint, part Tums are the best, I can’t handle the chalkiness of the others anymore, even the Tums Smoothies! Just call me an antacid connoisseur.)
Belly button in or out? Still way innie but moving out slowly. Creeeeepy. Don’t worry though when I’m standing it’s still a black hole buried under my fat rolls.
Happy or moody most of the time: For the most part, totally happy this week! I was on cloud nine!
Looking forward to: Although I’m dreading more travel, I’m SO excited to have our second shower and finally fully reveal the gender to everyone!! The next few days will be really hard to get through without slipping but it’ll be worth it! And then the rest of our trip will be about family watching my brother in law get married! So much to look forward to! Check back Friday evening for the gender reveal!

So… elaborating on my trip. Flying to New Jersey wasn’t bad at all. Probably because it was in the morning and I hadn’t worked myself crazy walking everywhere yet, and the flight was on-time with no issues. But the way back was tough. I flew United, and the flight was delayed. There weren’t any seats near the gate in the terminal so I spent most of that time standing. I noticed there wasn’t a pre-boarding for passengers needing assistance or with small children, but they did do pre-boarding for “people with disabilities,” so I asked if I could pre-board then or sometime earlier. I was told by a gate agent in a rude voice, “pregnancy is not a disability.” Ok fine then! Back to my non-seated position I went. The flight was delayed, and I was in a lot of pain and ready to be home. I was literally one of the last five people on the flight. (Aisle seat – necessary for a preggo who pees a lot – means you board last. Lucky me.)

Then when on the flight, I struggled to lift my carry-on bag to put in the bin. Preggos aren’t supposed to lift heavy objects anyway. And not one person of the full plane- including a flight attendant mere feet away- lifted a finger to help me. I was so frustrated by the time I got to my seat that I cried. I’m used to being independent, so I hate needing help, but not even being offered help when you actually need it is disheartening. Then, it didn’t help my flight that I was sat next to a 16 year old girl and 17 year old boy who had never met and essentially fell in love on the flight by talking NON. STOP. They literally would stop for a minute and then say “so what else can I ask you!?” (You’re only 16? You look 22. Are you Puerto Rican? I have a metal plate in my shoulder want to feel? Have you taken your SAT’s yet? I cheated on my girlfriend once and still feel bad about it. What kind of music do you like? I love twerking. I love apple juice. I can’t wait to relax at the pool. I am so glad I got sat next to you. I wonder if my grandma is sleeping.) Literally, the whole flight.

By the time we landed after 1 AM, I was ready to go home. Luckily B not only picked me up, but brought a puggie copilot (Sophie) along for the ride! It was exactly what I needed. But that flight… ugh. I don’t expect airlines to roll out the red carpet for pregnant women, but I think because it is a temporary affliction, it can be more easily ignored. I thought perhaps the gate agent would be nicer, even if she had to say no. And I certainly thought a passenger waiting would offer me their seat in the waiting area, or help me with my bag. Humanity fail. (And yes, I sent in this information to United, but I haven’t heard back yet.)

We leave Friday for our LAST trip of the year! Luckily this time we’re flying another airline, and Big Daddy will be with me. Hope we survive what is sure to be an exciting whirlwind weekend!

11 comments to Bump Update – 26 Weeks

  • Look at how cute your belly is!

  • Layla

    “I love twerking” lols!

    Arrrrgh I can’t believe even a flight attendant didn’t help you! That’s sucky. :(

  • I am sure if you were to have slapped one of them we would all have understood, there is no way I could have handled that!

  • Traveling is so awful in a non-pregnant state, so I can totally imagine in a pregnant state that it’s just horrible! So sorry no one helped you, and I can’t believe no one offered up their seat. RUDE!!! Glad you’re home safe for now and safe travels for Friday!

  • Oh that’s awful that NO one helped with your bag. I would think that the attendant would have helped for sure! ALSO the fact that NO one gave up their seat in the terminal for you! Another humanity fail! If we are EVER at a restaurant waiting (since we aren’t usually anywhere else where seats are limited) We instantly get up for people who need a seat more than us. I’ll be raising my kids to do that and hope she actually does it when she’s on her own.
    The last time I flew….almost 10 years ago….so guy next to me ‘tried’ to fall in love and I flat out ignored him. :o)

  • Sorry the flight was so frustrating. It’s always annoying when people are rude & oblivious. At least you had a great trip! :)

  • I really hope this weeks flight is better! How frustrating. :(
    It was SO SO awesome meeting you and I’ll send you your pictures TONIGHT! WEEE!!

  • Ugh. People can be the WORST. I would say I can’t believe no one helped you….but this definitely happened to me on the DC Metro while pregnant. I try to give up my seat whenever someone needs it, but no one would give me one…the worst. Hopefully this next trip is easier! Can’t wait til Friday night!

    P.S. So. Jealous. Of your meetup with Jess! Wish I could have seen you two!

  • Your bump is soooo adorable!!!

    And I’m sorry you had such a sucky flight, but hopefully seeing your family at these showers make up for it. Can’t wait to finally find out if it’s a boy or girl!!!

  • I hope the next flight is better than the last! Maybe Baby’s sleeping patterns will change by the time you deliver (fingers crossed!). Congratulations on keeping the secret until you got to the airport! I bet your mom was so excited!

  • That stinks about the flight. I could have sworn that I heard someone, who stopped to let me move around them, at IKEA say to her friend “only because she’s pregnant”. When I turned my head around like a lunatic, they weren’t there. People can be asses, even to pregnant women. I love that you got to share the gender with your mom at the airport. That must have been SO fun!

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