April 9th, 2013

Bump Update – 13 weeks

Welcome to week 13! It was yesterday, but the day after vacation (five days) calls for a 7pm bedtime so you get the update today. AKA… you get what you get and you don’t get upset! (Practicing being a parent.)

Can you tell I was not into having my photo taken this week? It’s post-vacation, all I want is to snooze!

13 Weeks (4/8/2013)

How far along? 13 weeks
Baby’s Size: Peach
Maternity clothes? Not really, but picking my clothes accordingly. I had to do the rubber band trick on my capri jeans (did I say that already?) and I learned also that bridesmaid dresses with that boning (the little flexible stick things in the torso) are not made for pregnant ladies.
Sleep: Not wonderful… still trying to catch up!
Best moment this week: Watching my sister Min get married! Making Min, Rosh, and my friend Hooch feel my weird/awkward baby belly (FYI pre SHOWING-belly you can feel the uterus under fat and it’s SO WEIRD but cool but mostly weird.)
Miss anything? This week it was my energy. I guess a fast-paced vacation was a bit too much for me. And of course at the wedding it was sad to not take advantage of an open bar and delicious libations!
Movement: Nope. But my Twinner does and I am RIDICULOUSLY jealous.
Food cravings: Ever since having them at dinner in NYC, I’ve been wanting more Brussels sprouts! But have no energy to make them. Anyone want to come cook for me?
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing is really making me sick, but the general nausea has really stuck around. Luckily I seem to be open to all foods again.
Gender: No idea! No one really had any guesses for me at the wedding. I did book the appointment though- they made it for June 7, but then I realized that’s almost 22 weeks! So I moved it up to May 28, at just over 20 weeks. They won’t do it earlier, unfortunately. Though I don’t know if I’d trust it too early.
Labor signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Tired, tired, tired! Plus nauseous and walking like a 90 year old grandma.
Belly button in or out? Innie innie innie.
Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty much happy! I had an awesome trip, plus seeing friends and family – and watching Min get married!! – were really amazing.
Looking forward to: Showing more. I feel like these pics are pointless!

So, who else is pregnant!? Weigh in!! I know my Twinner is and of course, Kim K, Duchess Katherine, and now Halle Berry… but what about all of you!? SPILL!

9 comments to Bump Update – 13 weeks

  • Me! Right here. Very uncomfortable pregnant lady. 12 weeks to go. I

  • Anna Dunkum

    I am! I am due September 20 so I am a little more than 16 weeks! I have been pretty lucky so far and escaped without much morning sickness and cravings/ food aversions. But I am EXHAUSTED, like 8pm bed times are standard… Totally in maternity clothes, my suits and work clothes stopped fitting around week 10 (so I guess I started showing early?). Heres to a long, hot, SOBER summer (omg I want a mimosa and a Blue Moon so bad I almost can’t stand it!!)

  • Windi

    We just found out we’re expecting #2! I’m about a month behind you :) Feeling you on the nausea and tiredness- YUCK!!

  • Layla

    Oh hell no – not here! (I love my kid, i just ya know, hated being pregnant). You look awesome. For real.

  • I had the belly band at 9 weeks and maternity pants at 10 weeks! So annoying! At 16/17 weeks I’m just starting to feel movement occasionally. Don’t worry. Soon enough! Btw. I’m very jealous of your shirt. Totally wanted to make one and never did.

  • I love your bump photo shirt SO MUCH! You look great!

  • I love the documentation of Baby Nick/ Nikki! I want to make a shirt when I get pregnant, some day far off in the future…

  • Nope not even close to being pregnant around here. That factory is shut down for a few years or permanently – it all depends on if my child ever learns to sleep through the night ;)

    You look great, mama. I love that I’m reading YOUR bump updates!!YAY!

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