November 16th, 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses

I had a very bad day today. A very, very bad day. Terrible/horrible style. My dear friend MK texted me reminding that it may be a funny blog post eventually. She’s probably right. But not today. Soooo not today.

So, let’s relive some of the joy from my trip to SLC, shall we?

My sister Rosh and I are half of the bridal party in Min’s wedding. And after Rosh walked into brunch to surprise Min, we went to the most amazing bridesmaid dress boutique, Lily & Iris. If you live in Utah, and need a bridesmaid dress (or reception gown, or mother of the bride dress, etc) then go. The woman we worked with was so sweet and helpful. Min decided on Dessy, as they had the largest selection of long, chiffon gowns. That was Min’s requirement- long, chiffon, and light yellow.

None of the dresses below are in the right color (light yellow) so, use your imagination!

Purple dress: I think we can agree it does the girls NO favors. Aqua dress: adorable.

Light blue dress: nice, but nothing special. Navy dress: LOVE this, but it didn’t do much for me.

Orange dress: I liked it but not love. This side angle for the pic was good, but the cut wasn’t the best for my full hips. Pink dress: really flattering on Rosh!

Navy dress: AMAZING on Rosh! Aqua dress: top two on me. I loved this one.

Green dress: I *think* this is the one! Orange dress: Not Rosh’s favorite but it looked MUCH better on her.

Now, in person, the green dress was the clear winner. My mom and sisters much preferred it. Imagine them all, if you would, in yellow, and not 2-4 sizes too small for me. I loved the sweetheart neck and the cascade of fabric… and when it was on it just felt great. So I think it’s the right choice. I hope, at least! What do you think? (Remember… light yellow!)

And of course, Thirty Days of Thanks #15: Tonight, I am thankful for WINE.

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