May 26th, 2013

Bloglovin, I guess?

It’s just more than a month until Google Reader goes away. I finally made good on my promise to try to follow quality blogs and interact/comment, instead of just leaving them unread. I pared down to about 50 blogs, and I do love the Bloglovin frame that allows me to read, comment, then move to the next unread post to do the same.

I still have some mega issues with Bloglovin though. They mark unread posts as read after I believe a week? I don’t enjoy that they clear them out for you. I also dislike that you can’t add a photo to your profile on there unless you connect Bloglovin with facebook. My facebook is for me, the person, not me the blogger. I have a facebook page for my blog for that purpose; I like to keep them separate. So boo to you on that, Bloglovin.

I also don’t understand the social/community aspect of Bloglovin at all. So if anyone is super into it and wants to clue me in to how it works, be my guest!

Oh, and the thumbnail when you search kjpugs on there is more than a year old. Pre blog redesign. Even though I’ve clicked “update thumbnail.” For the features that work, Bloglovin sure seems to have a ton that just don’t. They’re lucky that there are not many viable alternatives.

Anyway, you can find and follow me on Bloglovin… Follow my blog with Bloglovin. Check it out and let me know what tips and tricks I am (probably) missing!

9 comments to Bloglovin, I guess?

  • Jump on feedly! It’s app is fantastic and will come in handy for late-night feedingds! I couldn’t get behind bloglovin :-/

  • Cindy Grieze

    I am with Jessica – I really like Feedly ( They also have a great app that you can use.

  • I think since bloglovin’ started out small in Sweden it is going to take awhile for it to make all the changed that they lose of google reader sent them. I have been using it for a few years and like it but it is the only thing I have ever used so I cannot really compare and when I started it was all in Swedish!

  • I’m with you on your feelings about Bloglovin, but it encourages me to read more often. I don’t know if you use it or not, but in settings you can use the “Bloglovin Frame.” Then you click on a post, and it will open so you can see the actual blog page and there is a next button on the top so you can go through each post in your queue. I love that so I can see the actual set up from each blog I follow, unlike the way Google Reader just showed the text. Also, then you can comment from the frame as well so I comment more than I use to. I figure with their increase in business they are sure to make updates soon enough.

  • I’m also not a fan of bloglovin but haven’t found anything else. I especially am not a fan of their iPhone app. It can take up to ten tries to even open and then you can’t comment through the app. You have to open in the web. So annoying!

  • I’m using Feedly, and you’re right, it’s not Google Reader! I like it better than Bloglovin’ though, so I’ll stick with it for now. RIP Google Reader!

  • I tried Feedly and switched to Bloglovin and really like it…it took me a bit, but now I like it more than Reader! I think my favorite feature is being able to leave comments within Bloglovin instead of having to click over, I feel like I leave more comments now. Good luck with the transition!

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