April 3rd, 2011

Birthday #26: A Success!

Gosh, where do I start? I had a great birthday yesterday!

B took out the pugs when we woke up (after SLEEPING IN!!!!!) and then we took our time showering and getting ready for the day. We haven’t had a day off together in ages. We had big plans to go to the car dealership or to move stuff out of storage (long stories) but instead decided to just spend the day together. We started with lunch at one of my favorite places, Mellow Mushroom!

I got my usual, pesto and bacon.

B was naturally more adventurous and got the Thai Dye.

Then we stopped by Holy Cow Cupcakes to get some of my favorites!

YEP!!! Blue velvet instead of red because of the Butler game last night. So delicious.

And that’s right, I said Maple Bacon.

Ohmygoodness, this was so delicious. A moist delicious cupcake, full of that maple sweetness, with the touch of salty crunch. Goodness gracious. That’s all I can say.

We went to dinner with friends at our favorite Mexican place and watched the Butler game. (If you didn’t know, Butler University is only a mile or two from our house!)

We went to the bar after dinner and the game were over. We stayed until the end of the UConn game, at which point we called it an early (ish) night. I’m recovering from a sinus infection (which has somehow become a lung-wrenching cough) and the smoke at the bar wasn’t helping. I had so much fun though!! It was the most amazing day I have spent with Big Daddy in a really long time.

Oh, and the gifts? My mom sent me an AMAZING perfume that both B and I loved. And B got me two things:


And a seriously GORGEOUS, amazing DIAMOND NECKLACE. No, I’m not kidding.

So yes. This was quite possibly the best birthday I’ve ever had. Sickness and all. I love my friends. I love my family. I LOVE my husband. I am so grateful and thankful. I got so many sweet notes from all of you and it made me sure that 26 would be the best year yet!

I just wish I had bought more cupcakes. They’re lonnnnng gone.

19 comments to Birthday #26: A Success!

  • Glad you had a great birthday!

    And I totally need you to send me a maple bacon cupcake.

  • Happy belated birthday! The pest and bacon pizza looks so yummy! Pesto is one of my favorite sauces to have on pasta, but I’ve never tried it on pizza. I must remedy this soon!!

  • We used to have a Mellow Mushroom halfway between me and work (about 3 blocks) then one day, out of nowhere, it just closed.


    But more importantly you had a WONDERFUL birthday with good friends, good pugs, good gifts, good food and a great husband. So happy for you :)

  • Niiiice, KJ!
    Two things: I just had a cookiedough cupcake and it was AMAZEBALLS. nom nom.
    Second, My hubby just got some “Studmuffin” cupcakes that were made with a lagunitas beer called “hairy eyeball” and bacon. They were really interesting tasting. Interesting in the way that I wasn’t sure I liked them, but hats off for making a cupcake with beer.
    Ok, and a third thing, so glad you had a happy birthday! and i love your new vera!


  • Yay for an awesome birthday!!! So glad you had a fabulous day and um the next time I’m in Indy we’re going to get me a cookie dough cupcake, I’m drooling over here!

  • Glad you had a good birthday. Mine always are horrible (it’s like this never-ending streak) so I dread them. I’m so glad though that you got a bunch of great presents and even more so that you go to spend it with your hubs!

  • Mellow Mushroom is sooooooo good!

    And a Maple Bacon cupcake? Now I’ve seen it all..I’m glad you took a photo of it, because I would have never believed it!

  • MK

    First things first…you look BEAUTIFUL in that pic of you and B. You have a little glow, your skin looks fab, I love your hair, and the color is great on you. So now that I’m done professing my love for you…I am so glad you had such a great bday! You deserved it! xoxo

  • Twinner

    SUCH a fun birthday! Good food, thoughtful gifts, quality time with B! YAYYYY! You look gorg.

    AND… I totes think I could eat that pizza! It doesn’t look greasy/cheesy/nasty!

  • Good job B! My B knows that he can always make me happy with diamonds and purses! ;) Love that necklace… and that pizza? Nommmmtastic. I’m starving now, looks so good. I wish we had that place here.

  • Happy belated birthday!!!! Sounds like a great one :) And.. I wasn’t hungry until I saw that pesto bacon pizza. And I don’t even eat bacon, but I want that right. now. Yum!!

  • That cupcake is blowing my mind. I want to lick the screen. Is that, appropriate? or normal? Either way, I AM SO happy you had an amazing birthday!!! You totally deserve it b/c you are awesome and fabulous and rock my world.

  • UM R U TRYING TO MAKE ME DROOL!? SO happy you had a fabulous bday wknd AND the new job!!!!!! <3

  • I’m so glad you had an amazing birthday!! Loving that bag and needing cupcakes now. Nom.

  • 1. You look SO PRETTY in that picture. Your skin looks really good! Jealous.
    2. Pizza. Want. Omg it looks so good. Jealous
    3. Diamonds? Jealous.

    All in all, I’m jealous of your birthday but SO HAPPY you had a great one. You deserve it!!

  • I’m definitely late on this, but wow – what a great bday! Seriously, I’m drooling over the thought of pizzas and cupcakes. Mmmmm. And GO B for getting you those fantastic presents! What a good guy ;)

  • Dancy

    Ack! So late on catching up with blogs. Happy belated! Looks like it was an awesome time. Blue velvet sounds amazing and now I’m kinda like – why didn’t I think of that?! I guess you can make em any color!!

  • So glad to hear you had such a happy birthday! You do have a great guy there, for sure. :)

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