July 29th, 2011

Big Bad Kindergartener

I am one of those people who lives and breathes off of acceptance. If I mess up at work I need to make it right and get back in everyone’s good graces. I don’t like people being mad at me or not being accepted by others. I like to follow the rules, and find myself to be very interesting, and like to believe that other people do too. Even if that means pretending.

Apparently, this goes back many, many years.

My sister just called and read me something that she and my mom found: my kindergarten evaluation.

Immediately, I knew this would be from Ms. Rynar. That lady hated me. The feeling was mutual.

Check out her thoughts:

In case you can’t read it, here- let me transcribe it for you with my comments!

Social & Emotional Progress:
As noted in our previous conference, Kelly remains a bright, articulate child who has made a very good adjustment to the kindergarten classroom. Damn right. Kelly has emerged as a classroom leader. She is most happy when she can direct other children in play activities. Still damn right. She is quick to point out negative behaviors of her peers, (still do this- hello grammar!) yet she remains well liked and accepted. One can only hope. At this point in time, I find Kelly to be more self-centered than the norm for her age group. She demands my attention (mostly to relate stories about herself) and loves to take “center stage” in a most dramatic fashion. I’m pretty sure you just gave the Webster’s definition of a blogger. As Kelly matures, we should see a lessening of these types of behaviors. NO SUCH LUCK, RYNAR.

Academic Progress:
Kelly continues to preform at an above average level for her chronological age. I feel as though “chronological age” is supposed to be some backhanded insult. Verbal abilities are very high, and her focus and attention span are also above the norm. She enjoys contributing relevant information to classroom discussions and remains the most exuberant member of our class! Nice save.

Then my mom had to sign it. Insult to injury. Oh, and it was accompanied with a self-portrait, which we were required to create.

This looks like the result of a union between Ronald McDonald and a stripper. Why do I have pasties? I mean clearly I wanted boobs from a young age (be careful what you wish for) but I’m SURE I didn’t know what pasties were. I also really loved ruffle socks. Yellow ones. Mind you, I was not yet six when this was created.

No wonder Rynar hated me. Cuzz I’s so fiiiiiiiine!

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