September 7th, 2011

Belated Recaps: Min Visits Indy

So what better way to hop back onto the “I wanna be a good blogger!” train than to recap, starting with where I stopped recapping awesome things? That would be early June, when my sister Min came into town for the Vintage Indiana Wine Festival! Let’s begin, shall we?

Min and Aaron arrived on a Friday- the same day my sister in law told us she was preggo. I was on cloud nine! We checked them into their hotel, stopped by our house, then I took them shopping with my Old Navy/GAP/Banana discount.

While in the mall we checked out the LoveSac store. That’s me and Min (on the plush eskimo fur couch) with a store employee giving us the thumbs up.

No doubt, it was comfy. That dude was from Utah, where Min and Aaron are moving, so we chatted him up a bit.

We went to Monon Food Company for dinner then went to get growlers and some beers at Thr3e Wise Men. How adorable are they? I die. Thank goodness they got engaged last week because they are just too cute otherwise.

We then took our growlers home… I showcased the proper growler transportation method. It’s serious, guys. They laughed but IT’S SERIOUS.

The next day, Connie arrived. You may remember me mentioning her previously as my third sister, or Con McGons, or something crazy like that. ADORE HER. The happy foursome of us went downtown to a little thing I like to call WINEFEST aka the Vintage Indiana Wine Festival. (Big Daddy was stuck working, unfortunately.)

Yikes. June 4th. That was more than 1/4 of a year ago. Sorry guys.

We got there around noon-time and it was HOT! As in, I was sporting major backsweat. We went from tent to tent enjoying our cool libations.

Min, me, and Connie. In case you have never read my blog and have no idea what I look like.

At one point, we found cornhole boards. Naturally, when in Indiana, if you find cornhole boards, YOU PLAY. And if you’re Min, you take it very seriously.

And if you’re me, you hit people.

Bean-bag drive-bys aside, we were a good looking crew.

Seeing as that it was a million degrees out and backsweat had taken over my body, we did take a few bottle breaks. The samples were free, but buying a bottle to share in the shade of a tree was worth it time and again.

Oh, and Connie taught me this new thing. Feed the chickens. Or “feed them chickens” as was often said. You put out your hand like a low five, and then the other person pecks your hand, like a chicken feeding.

Bad lesson to learn… drunk Connie = angry, hungry chicken.

*Connie, Aaron, and Min- FYI I am skipping the magazine story because THAT POOR FAMILY and oh the shame.*


At one point, Connie decided to ask a worker if she could ride his golf cart thing with him. He obliged.

I know what you’re thinking; “this couldn’t end well.” Well it almost didn’t, but Connie hopped off just in time before she was driven off into the sunset by a very sketchy dude.

Speaking of not ending well, putting booths to buy things near the exit? Come on. Drunk, tempted people all around. Min bought a hat.

We were all VERY excited about her hat.

Which, while not something she’ll wear around town very often, was actually really gorgeous and well-made. I believe the vendor was called Hats by Patricia.

Then the crazies posed with a weird bike-taxi thing and it’s driver.

I tried to give him $1 for the picture but he declined. Classy.

I then avoided disaster by talking Aaron out of jumping into the canal. It would have been broken bones and bail bonds for him, I assure you.

We ordered pizza and napped off our buzz. Later that night we grabbed Big Daddy and went out in Broad Ripple for one of my friend’s birthday celebrations. We went to a bar where Min’s (then) colleague is actually the owner… I guess he lives in Indiana sometimes, and NYC sometimes? Sounds… like a lot of traveling.

Min and Aaron went home early, but the three of us stayed strong. After the bar, we went to our fave taco truck, West Coast Tacos.

…we ate far too much. And liked it.

Also… just an FYI that Con McGons is starting fashion trends across the nation.

I love you Connie. From your gray hair streaked head down to your authentic cowboy booted toes.

The next morning the five of us had a delicious breakfast, then said our goodbyes. It was an awesome weekend and one that I hope will continue being a tradition for years.

Feed them chickenssss!

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