April 17th, 2013

Baby Jokes

While my mother in law was in town, she helped us execute a silly joke that B and I thought up!

I was looking at a name list for 2012 that combined different spellings of names, and was sharing some with Big Daddy. (Sidenote: I learned there are FAR too many ways to spell Aaliyah.) The list combined spellings so it gave more of a “true” ranking. Think Katherine, Kathryn, Catherine, etc. One of the names on the girl list was Charlie. B saw “Charleigh” and was like, “Wait, that’s pronounced like Charlie?”

Now, you may remember my sister in law Nina’s son is named Charlie. So when I told B that yes, Charleigh is pronounced like Charlie, he started joking that it was “the one.” Clearly joking, because he HATES weird spellings and our nephew is named Charlie!!!! Which led to some “haha can you imagine!?” talk and then we were like… “I wonder if Nina would believe us if we found out we were having a girl, and were naming her Charleigh?” We thought there was no way anyone would DO that, or believe that. But then again, who knows?

When my mother in law got here we told her about it and she said, “Why don’t we tell her I took you to get an elective ultrasound so I could see the baby, and we found out that it was a girl? Then you can tell her the name!?” So plan “Will she buy it?” was put into action.

First, my mother in law texted her that we got the ultrasound, and knew the sex, but that she couldn’t tell. Which felt sooo mean. Mean to her to lie, and mean to me because I have to wait weeeeeks until we really find out! Anyway, I waited a little bit and then texted her:

There was a few minute delay after her initial congratulations text. I thought “OH NO, holy crap, this doesn’t bother her, joke FAIL!” But then when she asked how to pronounce it, I thought she might have bought it!!

Then my mother in law texted her (with her large print iPhone, haha) and acted like it was TOTALLY NORMAL.

My favorite part was “But his name is Charles.” My mother in law and I are NOT the types who would be ok with this so I think she must have been SO confused as to why we both thought it was a good idea! After she said “you don’t get it” I tried calling her so we could say “Late April Fools!” No answer though, so I texted her that it was a joke, there was no ultrasound, and there DEFINITELY will be no Charlie/Charleigh! YES, she said we sucked, but then we did text back and forth for a while talking names and laughing at “could you IMAGINE how weird that would be?!”

And yes, now all my good karma is gone and I’m sure this means I’ll have all boys, forever. Luckily my sister in law is a good sport! And we had a great time putting on the act!

On the subject of gender and names, I have addressed this a little before but we are definitely finding out the sex. We won’t be sharing the name until he or she is born though. I like the idea of there still being a surprise, and then we don’t have to lock something in and have it maybe not “fit” quite right. We aren’t planning to tell anyone our ideas either. Like I said, it’s a fun surprise for others to hear that the baby was born and then find out the name for the first time!

Moms- what did you do? Did you find out the sex? Did you pre-decide the name? If so, did you tell people? Not-yet-moms- what do you think you will do? And would any of you ever name your baby the same name as your niece or nephew?

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  • Windi

    We did find out- I need to plan! We did not pre-decide name, but rather had a short list. We knew we had to “meet” her before we could name her. We did decide on the middle name (my mom’s maiden name- Quinn).

  • Stephanie

    That is too funny!! You know we don’t find out sex and it killed me with anxiety and stress for #2! We also didn’t share our names with most people so it would be a surprise for our family, but you were persistent and got the names from me ahead of time! Hint hint ;) we did per plan names because we used family names, they were set for both kids boy or girl. Ps: I wouldn’t use same names and since R’s siblings have been preggo around us I’ve always been terrified we’d have same names, luckily that hasn’t happened! But my brothers first daughter (my niece) had the same middle name as her cousins first name. The mom and her sister were pregnant with girls, due about 2 months apart and just a few weeks after the mom (my nieces grandma) passed from cancer. Both girls used the moms first name in naming their daughters.

  • OMG, that is the best prank! It seems that there really are people out there that would totally do this, which made the joke all that much better!

    When we have kids though, we’ll definitely find out the sex. An elective ultrasound might even be tempting too..

  • Haha! That’s awesome! We won’t be finding out the sex of the baby. We’ll probably end up sharing names, but I am weary of doing that. I don’t want unsolicited suggestions. We will have a couple names of each gender picked out. I wouldn’t name my baby the same as a niece/nephew, but I do like the name Elijah and one nephew’s name is Eli.

  • You guys are too funny, I love it! “Ok whatever. You don’t get it” I bet she was pissed!

    Hypothetically I say that I don’t want to know until the baby is born but I’m not sure if my A-type personality could deal with the unknown. Ha!

  • With my son we found out his sex but didn’t pick a name until he was born. We had a short list, but I had to see him before I knew what his name was. That being said, we did have his middle name picked long before he was conceived. My husband’s best friend passed away when they were in college and we used his name as a middle name. So my son is Ian Douglas. We didn’t realize it at the time but Ian is somehow derived from the name John, which was Doug’s middle name. So Ian ended up fully being named after my husband’s late friend.

  • We found out we were having our son Holden at 20 weeks; name wise we decided ourselves but didnt tell anyone else until he was born! Like you we wanted something to be a surprise and we didn’t want anyone else to give their opinion especially with us choosing something uncommon.

    When will you find out? x

  • oh my goodness, you can totally tell how mad she was!

    You obviously know that we didn’t share the name with people and I”m so glad we kept it (mostly) to ourselves. There are only so many secrets you can keep in life, ya know? Truth be told, we did tell our parents and my husband’s mom had *something* negative to say about our daughter’s name. She also, even though we asked her not to, told all sorts of people the name. I’m glad we didn’t tell anyone else and I’m mad we even told her. It’s not anyone’s place to judge over the name you choose for your child!

  • Y’all are so freaking mean but that is hilarious! I’m surprised she bought it!!

    For us there was no question, we HAD to know what our baby was. We’d decided on a boy name and girl name but when we found out she was a girl, the name didn’t sit right with us so we changed it. And THEN, we had a bit of drama with Ronnie’s (half) brother who was irritated that we were naming our daughter Violet when HIS grandmother was named Violet and he’d planned to name his own daughter that one day. UGH. It didn’t like tear the family apart or anything but the issue still drives me nuts and he and his girlfriend still say they’ll name their future daughter Violet – because they’d have different last names and live in different states anyway. Ugh. Family. ha

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