March 22nd, 2012

Awkward in Florida?

I’ve alluded to this in blog posts over the last few months, but it’s finally official and “out there” that Big Daddy and I will be moving to Orlando, Florida!

B was offered a culinary internship with The Happiest Place On Earth. It’s four months long, and the pay isn’t great, but overtime pays well, and if you do well and want to stay after the internship period, jobs are available. I have 100% zero doubt that he’ll excel beyond belief and be offered a full-time job. Worst case, if he doesn’t enjoy the work at THPOE, he can attempt to find a job with the hotel chain he currently works for. He’s got great possibility.

The issue with accepting this internship was figuring out how we’d handle it. Be apart 4 months? Would he stay there? How would I get there? I love my jobs, so this was a scary thought for me. But we both very much want to leave Indiana. It’s been a good home to me for five years, but it’s not my home home. It feels like it’s time to move on. And I miss having water nearby! B is ready to leave too- maybe even moreso than I am. He leaned towards moving to Florida, I leaned towards him staying with his job (where he looked to be promoted.) I want to leave Indiana, but I have a very hard time with change.

Well he got confirmation that his promotion was not what he’d expected. And that the restaurant he got for his internship was BALLER. We talked about it for days, weighing pros and cons. We finally decided he’d accept the internship, and we’d move to Florida.

Recently, I noticed a position open in Florida within my company. I applied – which meant I had to be open with my supervisors. I told my bosses at both my jobs about our plans, and they were awesome and supportive. I had a great interview this week for the job in my company, but I’m not getting my hopes up until I see an official offer. But I have great options either way. And I’m excited about them! Leaving my jobs will be mega hard, but moving will be a breath of fresh air.

What most people ask about is our timeline. B will start at the very end of May. I will start… whenever I find a job. We’ll likely be apart temporarily. But we’ll eventually be together, in the warm state of Florida, with tons of sunshine and “pug weather,” as we call it!

There are a few things I’m scared of, though. The Four S’s:

  • Spiders
  • Sinkholes
  • Sharks
  • Seafood

It’s started getting warm here in Indiana and I’ve already seen spiders. GAME OVER. I fear all the creepy crawlies I’ll encounter in Florida. Obviously Orlando isn’t coastal, but when we go to the beach, the thought of sharks terrifies me. Sinkholes was on my list of reasons why I’d never live in Florida (I lied.) I read somewhere once that the bedrock of Florida was all limestone, and that is why there are so many sinkholes. I have zero factual evidence to base this off of but continue to let it terrify me. And seafood… I don’t eat it. At all. B is going to try to make me eventually. Help.

The last time we were in Florida (well, the only time together) was the Clearwater area for our one-year dating anniversary in 2008.

We were such babiessss!

I can’t wait to experience that state again with B, this time as residents!

It feels great to have our plans off my chest and onto (blog) paper. So much more to figure out before we move… please keep us in your thoughts and prayers while we figure out this transition!

PS- who wants to rename/redesign my blog now?!!? I won’t be awkward in Indiana for much longer!

21 comments to Awkward in Florida?

  • Congratulations!! Moving to a new state is very tough, but such an exciting adventure! I’m crazy jealous that you’ll be so close to Mickey AND Hogwarts! ;) Good luck with everything!!

  • Congrats! As a lifelong Floridian I can tell you that the seafood is amazing, the spiders aren’t bad (but watch out for the mosquitos), I’ve never seen a shark and can’t think of any runins with sinkholes. Orlando is a really big city (seriously…huge) with lots of fun stuff to do. The beach is about an hour and a half away, so those sharks won’t be anywhere near you. :) Good luck with the move and the job hunt!

  • Welcome.

    And let’s be honest. You’ll watch that documentary on Alligators and the Burmese Pythons and never leave the house.

  • Congrats! We’ve thought about moving there…a lot.

  • YAY Florida! You know I’m there at least twice a year, so I’ll be around! Congrats B!

  • Congratulations! That is so exciting. We talk a lot about moving to Fla (we may have the potential to move anywhere in the next 2 yrs) and just the thought of it gets me excited. Warm weather all year round…what more can you ask for!!

  • Seriously, don’t worry about sinkholes. Hurricanes are a greater worry here, though we’ve been lucky these last few years. A good tip for the spiders is to try not to look too close if you’re outside at night.

  • How exciting, I am obviously an advocate for moving if it means more opportunity, and I am sure you will settle into Florida in no time! One thing I recommend is hire professional movers if you can. We had them for our stuff that was shipped here and they way the packed all the dish ware and china was amazing and nothing broke.

  • How exciting!!! A new place can be a lot of fun :) We moved to the NYC without having family or anything here and LOVE it!

  • Congrats to B on scoring an awesome internship, and to both of you on your upcoming move! It’s so exciting and scary at the same time to make such a big move, but I’m betting you’ll both love it down there!

  • Congrats! What a cool internship! I have a recommendation for an update to your list:

    SERIAL KILLERS (or maybe I just watch too much Dexter)

  • Yay for Florida! :)

    As we’ve been house shopping, I can tell you that we’ve learned a lot more about sinkholes lately! Haha! There are areas that are more prone to them, so don’t worry too much (just don’t move into a neighborhood that is prone to them if you can help it, lol).

    I hate to add another s…but I’d suggest adding stingrays to your list…and maybe removing sharks? ;) You have to do the stingray shuffle around these parts. I’ve only seen a ray once or twice (and dolphins and manatees quite a bit, but those are fun), but I’ve never seen a shark. And if it makes you feel better – I never swim in the ocean. I require being able to see the bottom of the ocean floor at all times…paranoid!

  • Hooray!!! None of the S’s bother me, you’ll get used to all of them in time (well, maybe not seafood and sinkholes, but the former is a personal preference and the latter is really not an issue MOST places). Congratulations to B, and I hope you love Florida as much as I do!

  • You’re going to love Florida Kelly! Plus, you’ll be closer to me!

    I’ve lived in Florida for years and the spiders really aren’t that bad and I’ve never seen a shark or a sinkhole.

    There is so much to do and see in Orlando.

  • Sinkholes? naaaah. Sea food? YAH! I lived in Florida for six years and I can promise you there are other food options! Watch out for humidity.. and yes, there are more critters than the midwest. This is true. But the beach is AMAZING, and Florida people are so cheerful! I lived in Debary, which is like 40 minutes from Orlando.

    As for the name…
    Fabulous in Florida
    Fearless in Florida
    Fierce in Florida
    Fancy in Florida
    Farts in Florida (just makin’ sure you’re paying attention! LOL)
    Feisty in Florida (That’s my fav for you!)

  • Jenell

    Had I have read this post earlier, we wouldn’t have had to talk about it, but I enjoyed hearing it from you and of course wish you all the best!

  • Congratulations to you! That is sooooo very exciting!

    We’ll miss you in IN, but as we’re planning to move too, we’re not heartbroken. :)

  • I’m already seriously jealous of your soon-to-be perma-tan.


  • You’re going to HAVE SO MUCH FUN! Odds are you’ll probably never see a sinkhole OR a shark… but you will have to watch others devour seafood at all times. ;) If you have any questions let me know. I lived in Orlando for college for two years (but it was more on the outskirts of Orlando and not in Tourist-ville). There will be TRAFFIC but nothing that you can’t handle!

  • Hehehe as a 27 year old Floridian who has never lived anywhere else, I can tell you that the only sharks I’ve seen are in the Florida Aquarium. I agree with Katie that you are more likely to see stingrays, but doing the shuffle works great. I’m such a pansy and I’m scared of seaweed so I never get in the water past my calves. If you are insistent of seeing the bottom of the ocean, you’ll have better luck on Florida’s east coast.

    I’m never seen a sinkhole either. I think peoples’ perception of florida sinkholes are way skewed. Also, as long as you get pest treatment, spiders will be minimal or not at all. And seafood..hmm. Well, there is a lot of that, but usually only around the coastal areas. In orlando, there is an eclectic mix. My boyfriend and I don’t eat fish. Well, he doesn’t eat any and I only eat shellfish and any seafood place we go always has pasta or a chicken dish so you’ll be a-okay!

    I can’t wait to meet you one day!

  • Take Two – I am super excited for you guys to be in Florida. Congrats to B on the internship. He is going to have great opportunities to work at some pretty awesome restaurants in Orlando if he chooses. Hopefully we will get a chance to meet up since Clearwater is a short drive! Let me know if you need anything on this side of the move, you know where to find me. =)

    Good luck to you both!


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