August 20th, 2012

Awesome Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend- well, mostly Sunday.

My new Orlando friend Lisa and I met up at noon at World of Beer for their special “Yappy Hour” day. They gave $1 off any beer with “Dog” in the name. I stuck with Sea Dog, having their IPA and then their Apricot. Sea Dog has a ton of great flavors like Apricot, Raspberry, and Blueberry, which are great if you aren’t a huge beer fan but like light fruity drinks. My pup Dixie was glad to meet Lisa and her pup, Deacon. I wish I had gotten some pictures of them together! I did get a few of Dixie though.

Dixie got to come with me because she’s 1) very well behaved 2) not the slightest bit anxious 3) loves other dogs. Which makes it fun for both me AND her. See?

Please try to tell me that’s not the happiest dog you’ve ever seen. I can’t stop smiling looking at these pictures! She’s come a long way from January of this year. When she got out of surgery I worried she’d never be 100% back to her happy self- because I had never seen her so downtrodden. Turns out, she is fully recovered and actually happier now than ever before.

After our lunch beer date, I went to my first sorority alumnae chapter meeting. I have a ton to look forward to- lots of events for the rest of the year. I also volunteered to host the alumnae chapter holiday party in December! I can’t wait to meet all the women and be involved with my sorority again.

After the meeting I was starved. I had promised Big Daddy that I’d pick up pizza for dinner. There was a new place we wanted to try, called Flippers Pizza. I didn’t have super high hopes, but when you love NJ pizza you gotta try a few in the area. Well it was EXACTLY LIKE NEW JERSEY PIZZA. B and I were both blown away and can’t wait to order it again!

Also… attention all book lovers!

If you didn’t see already, I hit the pinnacle of my literate life last week when my book review was commented on by none other than the author of said book. (Cue me freaking out.) Nikki from The Fashionable Wife and I have been talking about that book and others we can read, and she suggested doing a book club!!! Check out her post and let her know if you want to join. I am the absolute worst at picking books, but love reading, so I hope you guys have some good suggestions!

I hope this week echoes the awesomeness of my weekend – for me and all of you!

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