July 27th, 2012

Another 7-posts-in-one!

I really need someone to remind me that working from home doesn’t mean work whenever you’re home. If I’m not doing that I’m on the couch, sometimes working on an art project that’s been taking me FOREVERRRR…

I thought it would be fun to make a map of Indiana out of the city names. I’ve seen similar stuff online for ages and figured I’d just start typing them over a map of Indiana… not that hard, right?

Kill me. It’s SO meticulously time-consuming.

I am also definitely taking some liberties with the location of many cities and towns, so my apologies to the entire state. But when I’m done I’ll remove the map layer and it will look cool and we’ll have a piece of art reflecting our first home together. BAM.

I missed this yesterday too…

Week (2): -1.6

Total: -36.6

This is officially more weight than I’ve ever lost. I’ve weighed less but I started losing weight then thirty pounds lighter than when I started this time. Recently, I had about 3 weeks where I staying about a half a pound in the same area, and it was VERY frustrating. I was working out a few nights of the week hard and staying within calories except once or twice going over by about 100. On the days I went over I worked out- and I went over my daily # PRE-workout, not after adding the workout. (AKA if I get 1500 calories a day, I was at about 1600, but I burned 300 working out so technically I was “under” calories.)

It was great to see my hard work finally pay off! I am hoping to get a few before and after pictures in the same clothes to help me see my progress even more.

I’m not feeling 100% this week but we’re planning another Disney trip tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting out and walking around!! It makes exercise feel like less of a chore when B and I are doing something together.

Also have to say that my fabulous husband started MFP with me around the beginning of June. His goal is to lose 120 pounds (double my 60 pound goal!) So far (less than two months) he has lost 39 pounds!!!! I am so proud of him. He usually weighs in around the weekend so we’ll see how he does this week. It’s great to be doing this together.

Next up… MANICURES. I sure have some for you!!!

I started out with your suggestions from last week, using my Julep Maven polish Sasha. I did a gold accent nail with Sally Hansen Golden-I. It randomly happened that the same day, my mom sent me a bracelet that almost perfectly matched!

I did my toes to match as well. Remember you can get your first box of 3 Julep items for one cent if you sign up using my referral link and enter code MAVENINTRO. More details are in my last post!

Midweek I decided I wanted something really fresh and summery. I decided white with a silver accent would be PERFECT for this heat. I used Zoya Purity with a half-moon cuticle in Sonia Kashuk Smoke and Mirrors.

(B snagged me some flowers from work and left them on my desk to surprise me!)

While this LOOKS like a nice mani, it was not my best work. Here’s as close-up of a picture I could get you to show off all the flaws:

Ugh. I only kept it like this for a day because it got to a point where I couldn’t stand it. What is it with white polish just never going well? It always applies like thick white out. This one was better than most whites but still difficult. Womp.

I did find a way to fix it temporarily. I had a $5 off reward from DSW and popped in quickly to use it on a nail polish. They have the Anise polish for $6, and it’s buy one get one 1/2 off usually. So I picked up two and paid about $5. I used Sun Soaker, a sheer shimmery gold over the nasty mani and all was hidden!

It kept it in the fun metallic zone but made it less stark. I would love this gold over a pink polish too!

Last night I switched over to something totally different. You saw it last week, Nicole Mer-Maid for Each Other. BAM. Fingers and toes. I LOVE IT. And it had the flat brush that I love (usually only found with Sally Hansen, I just love that type of brush!)

The color is out of this world. It’s mostly a gold/green but it has a blue/teal tone when you look at it from an angle. Check out the difference between my angled fingers and thumb here:

I can’t get enough of this mani!! I am trying to think of a fun way to wear this besides just solo, any ideas on how I could jazz it up next time?

I’m linking up again to The Nail Files with Tara and Vicki!

Go link up and share your nail polish this week!!

I wanted to also do this little “check in” thing that I see on tumblr blogs a lot, just cause I feel like it! Here goes…

Obsessing Over: The necklace I bought from Charming Charlie for Laur’s wedding in August. I don’t know why but I am in love with this little shrimp! Especially for $8! I love random/fun accessories so I’ll be pairing this with turquoise earrings for a fun, different look.

Working On: Actual work. I needed a “lunch” break so I’m blogging. But then right back to work.

Thinking About:┬áNail polish storage. I need to figure out a new system and think I might have finally found “the one.”

Anticipating: August and my trip to the homeland for Laur’s wedding. I need to be in NJ and every day I get more excited about my trip.

Listening To: The Talk, one of TV’s most craptastic shows but it’s the only non-Spanish station I get with my antenna and I like the background noise (or else it’s TOO quiet in my house while I work!)

Drinking: Water. Always water. But wish it was a beer. Have to wait til after 5 for that.

Wishing: That I knew if B was working a double or not today… if he’s not I want to plan our evening!!

Oh and because they’re pissed that they weren’t in here… an obligatory picture of my puggies! Have a great weekend, everyone!

8 comments to Another 7-posts-in-one!

  • Thank you! I am totally going to give Julep a trip with your code. I have been fawning over a friends Julep polish recently. It was a coral but I don’t know the name.

  • I love all of your nail updates! Have you played around with those nail art pens yet? I bought one recently, but haven’t had a chance to try it.

    Oh! And I have an awesome white polish….dang, I just looked and I can’t find it right now, but I’ll have to let you know what it is when I find it. I know it’s from Sephora, and has a soft, slightly pearl sheen to it. I love it for french tips, but looks great as a whole nail cover too. It’s not thick and bubbly, and 2 coats is the perfect coverage.

    Hope you have fun at Disney!

  • I want more pugs just so I can have an adorable pug pile like your puggies! :)

  • I’m always so impressed by your cute nails – you’re so talented at painting them! And I’m SO impressed with you and your husband for all of the weight you’ve been losing – 39 pounds in two months is amazing, and you’re doing fantastic too! :)

  • omg. i was totally planning on doing that exact coral/gold mani this week! love it!

  • I LOVE that coral and gold. They just go together, ya know? And you’re so funny, showing a close up of what went wrong. I HATE bubbles but haven’t figured out how to stop them yet :(

    • kjpugs

      I pinned something on pinterest about this… apparently shaking the polish before can cause bubbles!! And too thick coats/not letting them dry enough. That was my issue this time. OH and leaving your polish open too! It was very interesting to read. I have gotten much less bubbles lately but this white mani I was lazy and my laziness did NOT pay off!

  • […] This is the most gorgeous duochrome. It was my first, but none have stood up to it since. I think it’s the blue/green hues… plus, it’s not sheer like many other are. It goes on so beautifully and I could stare at it all day. I caught myself staring at my nails while sitting at a light in the car more than once with this polish on. It’s only available at Target, so if you’re into a $7 or so duochrome, head there and pick this one up! I blogged it here. […]

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