January 12th, 2011

Announcing… VOTMC

Clearly I am obsessed with Hannah from Gator Tales. So when we got to talking about how much we loved the dialect vlog, we came up with the idea for a Vlog of the Month Club! Hannah and I worked on creating a page where we could get you guys on the members list, post the monthly vlog topics, and ask for your ideas. And here it is!

Go check out the website and share your ideas! Also you can “join the club” and check out the other people who have.

Every month we’ll choose a VOTMC member to highlight and feature! Also, there will be a monthly vlog prompt. If you love vlogging- keep doing it! But this will just be a way to get you talking about something you might not have once a month.

So let’s keep the conversation going! Keep giving your ideas and get ready for February 1st for the first vlog prompt!

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