April 19th, 2013

And the award for sucking goes to…

Me! Yes, I get that award. For achievement in the area of not reading or commenting on blogs in far too long.

Replace my flowers with a trophy and my sash with “Miss Non Blog Comments 2013”

I had one of just me, but what fun is a 2006 sorority crush party picture without MK as well? I believe this was the “Beauty & The Geek” crush party? When I bought the $5 tiara at Walmart the checkout lady told me congratulations. I took it seriously.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been THE WORST blog buddy in the world for the past six months or so. At first I just had too much in my reader and was reading a lot, but not commenting. And then the reading stopped. It’s just too much. I went to switch to bloglovin’ and realized I’m not really connecting with some of these bloggers at all anymore- and shouldn’t be. And that so many of the people who comment or connect with me, I’M not connecting back! I want to read and follow people who I naturally connect with.

What’s the point of blogging if I don’t read others’ blogs actively? It’s a two-way street.

So basically this is me saying 1) I’m sorry. Because I am. This community is so important to me and I want to get organized and get back into it!

And then 2) – I want to connect! If you regularly comment on my blog, tell me so in the comments. Or if you read actively and tweet with me and I should be reading your blog because I care too, tell me!!!! If you barely peruse my blog and wouldn’t notice if I stopped writing, then don’t bother commenting. I want to have less blogs in my reader, but higher quality!

If you don’t want to comment below you can also email me or contact me with the contact form here on my blog. Just let me know. De-lurk yourself. Shout it out, people.

This is my vow to stop sucking! And my project for the weekend.

Much love to all of you, having only a handful of friends/acquaintances in central FL, it’s nice to have such a great sense of community among you all. It means a lot to me and I can’t wait to improve it!

17 comments to And the award for sucking goes to…

  • I’ve been really bad about not blogging and not commenting either so certainly you are not alone in this. I do still read blogs regularly. I just have had nothing to say – that doesn’t seem like something I said in the last post, etc.

    I’m a work in progress or something like that!

  • Please tell me that you were wearing your sash when you bought that tiara. Seriously. Even if it’s a lie. And I think that every blogger goes through a phase like that so don’t be too hard on yourself!

  • That picture of you is awesome. You should wear a crown and sash every day. I’m totally serious. I feel that you are aware of my presence since I pretty much stalk you in all forms- blog, twitter, instagram, gmail… Plus you are naming the baby after me!!

  • I still read! But I don’t comment as much as a should…silly baby taking up my time!

  • I’m still hanging out in cyberspace! I mean..I haven’t been blogging much myself, but I love reading yours!

  • I subscribe to blogs but don’t always get around to reading them! So, I guess I’m just as bad. But I do check your blog often and I like following you on Instagram for the puggie pics!

  • I always read! I’m an awful commenter lately too, though. :)

  • Wendy

    I don’t remember when I started following you, but I’m sure it was Disney related, and once I found out you were a transplanted Hoosier, I stuck around. I adore your nail polishes (so jealous!) and I dig the vibe!

  • I’m finding I’m having the same problem! I am reading a lot of blogs but not commenting because I’m not connecting with them.
    We connect on IG amcfallminute my blog is mcfallliving.blogspot.com.
    I think it’s also time for me to ‘clean out’ my blog feed and just have ones I connect with.

  • Emily

    I’m a reader ;)

  • i hope you read my blog, lady!

    i’ve been failing at commenting lately too – mostly thanks to ready blogs on my phone when i’m on the go… so much more difficult to comment that way!

  • AmandaTal

    I am a regular reader but suck at commenting. I’ve slacked on my blog for the last six months but I’m trying to get back on the wagon.

  • You’re such a jerk for ignoring us, that’s all I have to say ;)

    I have been awful at this too and have totally had to remind myself what a two-way street this is. I’m bummed that no one comments on my blog and then I remember that I haven’t been that great of a reader/commenter. DUH. But I’m trying to get better at it too! At least we have Twitter. and g chat!

  • Girrrrrrrl you KNOW I’m a regular reader! ;)

  • Stacy

    Bloglovin jmhas helped me comment more since you can comment within the reader. Love the bump updates!

  • You’re not alone. I’m terrible at getting around to commenting sometimes, mostly it’s just laziness when I’m on my Kindle Fire. It’s easier for me to comment on blogs from my laptop. So even though I have sooo many I read. I really need to do better at commenting. :) And I love reading your blog.

  • […] I guess? It’s just more than a month until Google Reader goes away. I finally made good on my promise to try to follow quality blogs and interact/comment, instead of just leaving them unread. I pared […]

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