May 21st, 2013

And off she goes…

As of today my sister is off on a 27 month long journey that will change her life forever.

My littest sister Rosh is heading to Armenia to serve in the Peace Corps.

Rosh has always been different from me and Min. More daring. Less cautious. Braver. More outspoken, but thoughtfully. And less content with “the norm.” She has huge dreams and goals that go beyond a desk and a salary and boring security. She wants to see the world, touch it and change it and help it.

I often wondered how Rosh’s unique, amazing qualities would translate post college. Now that her path is set, the Peace Corps just makes so much sense. When she studied abroad in Fiji it really changed her – in amazing ways – and I can’t wait to see what Armenia does for her. And of course, what she does for them!

I am so proud of you Rosh. So are Mom and Min and Brian and the pugs and even little unborn beebee. It kills me that you’ll miss the baby shower and other fun events, but you are needed somewhere else more than you are here. You have a job to do and it’s not just filing or customer service or other things that didn’t inspire you. Your job is important and life changing and something to be endlessly proud of. You will come back a different, better person. I can’t wait to hear how this new chapter unfolds! I love you!

If you want to follow Rosh’s Armenian adventures, check out her blog, Rosie’s Armenian Adventure!

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