Welcome to my blog, peeps! I’m KJ, also known as kjpugs. KJ being my first and middle name initials. They rhyme with Jelly Bean. That being said, Easter is not a favorite holiday, and I prefer Peeps.

A little bit about me. I babysat Bobbi Brown’s kids, Christina Ricci babysat me, and I was once in the same room as Sandra Bullock. These, combined with the radio commercial I did for a jewelry company, an author commenting on my book review, and my dogs’ photo being on Good Morning America, make me famous by association. In my mind. Despite these undeniable connections, I remain an ordinary citizen.

I’m the world’s pickiest eater, married to an (obviously) very patient man. My hubby, Big Daddy, is a chef who left his profitable yet soul-sucking sales job to follow his passion. I am a customer-focused excel wizard who has no idea what her passion truly is, if it can’t be pugs, beer, or talking. Together we have three beautiful pugs (although among them there are only about 2 and one quarter brains.) We’re expecting our first human child in October, too.

New Jersey is my homeland and I’m damn proud of it. I initially moved to Indiana for a job with my sorority… poor choice, although I did learn to polish silver and tie bows.┬áB and I met and lived in the Indianapolis area for the first five years of our relationship. Then as Big Daddy finished classes in 2011, we decided to make the move to Florida so he could work at a really happy place you all have heard of. I managed to transfer to a great job through my company, so we together embarked on this journey of new, exciting change in our field. We are both sweaty people, so our success in Florida is yet to be seen.

I’m always trying to lose weight and writing about it. Except while, you know, gestating our child. And I’m ridiculously passionate about dog rescue. Two of our three pugs came from a puppy mill and while drunk my rambling about them becomes problematic. Don’t get me started on my thoughts about Amish people. Or why craft breweries are superior. And I will gladly get into a political sparring match with you, but offline, because no one wants to read that. Oh, and I like to talk, in case you didn’t gather that yet. If it weren’t for my hypochondria, bills, bugs in my house, and missing my family, my life would be perfect. But guess what? I’m happy, and I’m going to tell you all about it… like it or not.

Disclaimer: Views on this blog are mine alone and not necessarily the views of any of my family members or employers, past and present.