December 31st, 2013

2013... what a year!

I wasn’t going to do a big ole “wrap up” post on 2013, and I’m still not, but I couldn’t let the year end without acknowledging what a crazy and amazing ride it has been.

I spent New Year’s Eve at midnight last year alone. Well not completely alone- I had my three pugs with me. Big Daddy got off work after midnight and we spent some time with friends. I started the new year wondering if we would ever become parents. A month later I found out that we would! That moment alone forever changed my life, and defined our year.

I spent more than 3/4 of the year pregnant. I drank the least amount of beer this year compared to any of the last ten years. This year was filled with stress and anxiety over huge looming life changes, but also crazy amazing joy. The moment I found out that we would have a daughter. Seeing her sweet face on 3D ultrasound. And then of course, seeing her face in person for the first time. Having the moment where I realized I did this, I grew and then pushed out a tiny human. Seeing B as a dad for the first time. So many insanely joyous moments.

Of course the year hasn’t been all highs. The saddest moment of our year had to be two weeks ago, when we had to say goodbye to our sweet pug Harley.

This New Year’s Eve is so different than 365 days ago. I’m with two pugs, instead of three. B is actually home and off work tonight. And most importantly, we have this little Bitty here with us.


We are so insanely blessed to have such a smart, funny, easy baby. Obviously we’re biased, but she’s perfect for us. We couldn’t have imagined that she’d be as amazing as she is. She’s exceeded all of our expectations and has made parenting feel natural and fun (usually!)

I am sure 2014 will have it’s ups and downs just like 2013. Hopefully, like this year, it will be more ups! As long as we’re together though, I know it will be amazing.

Happy New Year!

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