December 2nd, 2012

My First 5K!

The day finally came! Today was my first 5k, the OUC Half Marathon & 5k in downtown Orlando.

The OUC is the Orlando Utilities Commission for our area. And because, apparently, paying them hefty amounts for our water, electricity, and trash each month isn’t enough, I paid them to run 3.1 miles.

The 5k portion started at 7:05 am. I got up at 5:20 to take out the pugs and get dressed, and left around 5:40.

My picture before leaving… no turning back now!

I got downtown around six and met up with Lisa from Buffet Laps and some of her running group friends. We did a walk around the lake to warm up and then got ready near the starting line.

It was cool to see so many people of every age and fitness level there.

When it was time to start running, Lisa’s friends went a little ahead of us and Lisa stayed with me. Except for my Thursday run (where I had a 13.8 minute mile avg pace) my pace has been between a 14.3 and a 14.8 minute mile. Lisa has a Garmin that tracks pace and beeped at one minute intervals for us to alternate walking and running.

Running with others around was definitely motivating! It was also nice to see so many people along the track to cheer the runners on. Some of the volunteers though were thinking they were Jillian Michaels and were yelling stuff like “come on, run!” or “pick up the pace!” while we were on our walk intervals. I understand that type of motivation, but we were definitely pushing ourselves and knew what we were doing. Just because some participants are walking doesn’t mean they aren’t trying their hardest.

I started to think “what the eff am I doing” with about a half a mile left. The last drag was hard! But finishing made it totally worth it. And it helped to get all the cool swag after. No medals for this 5k (just the half participants got them) but we got a free chocolate milk and two free beers!

I did it! I FINISHED!

After, Lisa showed me her Garmin that said we had a 13:19 pace. She had noticed while we were running and kept her mouth shut about it, so long as I was fine! (I was.) I was thrilled to get my best pace yet.

Lisa and I enjoyed the post-race music and tents, and of course I grabbed my free beer!

We really liked the inflatable cow by the chocolate milk tent.

I was so happy to have completed by first 5k. I can’t wait to run another! It is definitely addictive.

My official results:

#961 of 1,431 participants, #564 of 962 women participants, and #67 of 96 women age 25-29. I will take that! My goal was to finish and I blew my goal out of the water by not being dead last.

Lisa and I waited for her friend to finish the half (it was amazing watching people finish! Some of them looked so happy, it made me happy for them too.) Then I went home to my welcoming committee:

A nap was necessary!

Thanks everyone for all your support! I am so glad to have this under my belt and can’t wait for more races.

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