April 23rd, 2012

Instagram 365 – Weeks 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. Yep.

Annnnd here’s that backlog I have been talking about! Shall we?

3/11/12: My sweet nephew sleeping

3/12/12: Walking the pugs… one big leash tangle. Hope we have a fenced yard in FL!

3/13/12: I will sorely miss Trader Joe’s. Why don’t they have one in Orlando!?!! This is the only chicken sausage I like.

3/14/12: Celebrating B’s birthday week, we went to see Act of Valor together. Amazing movie, by the way.

3/15/12: I got my 10% keychain from Weight Watchers! I had lost about 10 pounds using WW online before doing the WW at work meetings, so this was a little late for my total loss, but still a great reward!

3/16/12: My sweet boy, mister Harles!!!!!

3/17/12: St Patrick’s Day cuppies at my bakery job!

3/18/12: They did some random unannounced road work that stopped me for a half hour. I got to stand in the middle of 465 though, which was cool!

3/19/12: Little miss Sophie and her tiny loose tooth. She has since lost it!

3/20/12: Mmmm… gimme that pasta from Cooking Light mag, please!

3/21/12: I had my fingers crossed about the job opportunity that I ended up getting! So I guess the finger crossing worked.

3/22/12: My favorite drink, chocolate almond milk! WAY better than normal milk.

3/23/12: Another of my sweet Harles!

3/24/12: Dixie was resting in such a way that her arm looked like a chicken wing!

3/25/12: Fun new cord bracelet from Target!

3/26/12: MINI TRISCUITS that my coworker shared. Pen to show size. I die.

3/27/12: Blood drive at work!!! I have become a big fan of blood donation, despite the look on my face.

3/28/12: Sophie hanging out in the new travel Vera my mother in law got me!

3/29/12: The perfume that I bought myself as an early birthday gift! Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture.

3/30/12: Hitting 200,000 miles in the Jeep! It’s a lot more now, wah.

3/31/12: Blood Orange sorbet… be still my heart. This is the best stuff in the world.

4/1/12: Beautiful earrings my Twinner got me for my birthday!

4/2/12: Beautiful purse from my sisters for MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

4/3/12: The Peep sunflower brownie cake that B’s aunt made me!

4/4/12: Crap. Tons. Of Mail. Ugh.

4/5/12: Me and Sophie! And my bra in the background.

4/6/12: Pigs in a blanket. My current OBSESSION.

4/7/12: My hair, if I don’t touch it. Too bad it doesn’t stay this way!

4/8/12: My wallet, aka a card holder from Target. If I have anything bigger it gets full of crap.

4/9/12: Me and sweet Harley in bed!

4/10/12: A very judgey Sophie. She does not approve of the laundry I have yet to do.

4/11/12: It’s official and signed – I got the job!

4/12/12: Working from home. As per usual.

4/13/12: I has an ouchie. I lost the fight between my hand and a razor. I threw my hand into it while showering.

4/14/12: My coworker’s latte art at the bakery. LOVE it!

4/15/12: My mothers-in-law hanging out with my nephew!!

4/16/12: I like cake.

4/17/12: Wearing Sigma Kappa flip flops with horrible nails… don’t worry they’ve been repainted.

4/18/12: My hair is SO LONG.

4/19/12: Thinking about our move… eek.

4/20/12: STP. I draw lots of these.

4/21/12: The famous Holy Cow Cupcakes Holy Pug! 4/21 was my last day working there, so I had to get a picture!

Well that’s it for now… hopefully I’ll be up-to-date from now on!

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