April 25th, 2012

I have a problem.

My problem? Nail polish.

I went from barely owning two bottles, to this.

How did this happen!?!?!?! I literally used to wear Vixen and nothing else.

Since this photo was taken, the sweet Kelly sent me one and I ordered three more from Birchbox. Whoops.

Seriously, not including the ones I just ordered, these are all the ones I haven’t even worn yet!

Major fail.

I went through and picked out some that I don’t really need anymore:

And then reorganized the rest in the box I keep them in.

Additionally, I am going to try to WEAR all of my nail polish- and wear it well. I started this week with a fun manicure. I am planning to link up with the Nail Files, hosted by Tara and Vicki.

The Nail Files

This week, I have been rocking two colors I really craved and finally bought on Friday. Orly Rage (a foil finish rose gold) and Essie Smokin’ Hot (a stoney gray.) I started, of course, with a base coat, then the Rage.

It was hard to get a good picture of it, but boy does this color rock. I almost gave up and left them!

I bought some garage sale stickers (little circles) and cut them in half. When the Rage had dried, I applied the half circle stickers and stuck them down really well. Then I painted a coat of the Smokin’ Hot, let it dry a bit, and then added a second coat.

Then I removed the stickers, touched up, and applied my topcoat. Voila!

Of course, I did a messy job so I had to clean it up a bit more. Here’s the finished product:

I love how this manicure is edgy but also in the neutral family. These colors are great!

I will be linking up my mani posts in the future to the Nail Files, so check it out! My goal is to have my own “Nail Files” post every week, and to stop buying nail polish for a while. I’d set myself a deadline, but it seems silly, since I’ll probably just buy more if I see it and like it. No self control over here.

I’m going to be in Orlando this coming weekend, and I already have a fun Florida mani and pedi planned! Stay tuned!

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